August 16, 2008


Sen. John McCain is just plain goofy.

Consider his laughable hypocrisy, after having lambasted Obama for being too "presumptuous" in giving a speech in Germany and being wildly popular during his tour of Europe and the Mid-East, in having the caption "President McCain" displayed in one of his ads, and now sending his two decidedly odd "BFF's", Lindsey "I'm not gay" Graham and "Smokin'" Joe Lieberman to Georgia as if they were cabinet emissaries from the McCain White House. (and on the heels of old Condi Rice's trip to do the same thing.)

And as if that weren't bad enough, McCain's top foreign policy advisor is pals with the Georgian president and was paid $800,000 to lobby for the country in D.C. Then surprise, surprise, McCain comes out and in the world's most phony and horrible acting job yet, declares that "Today, we are all Georgians." Huh??

McCain, straining like hell to try to inflate this situation into the next cold war, making goofy and ridiculous pronouncements and bellicose threats against Russia, at the advise of a guy who's pulled in nearly a million lobbying for the very foreign government McCain now is trying to portray as a valiant nation we all must defend.

OK John. You and who's army? Surely not ours, as due to the policies you strongly supported, we barely have one left.

The guy is just painfully goofy and dishonest and the world's worst actor. (Watch the thrills as he continually stares down at his note cards, trying to read them word for word and screwing it up repeatedly. See how long he can actually look away from them. It's a fun game. I've seen him look up for nearly an entire sentence before going back!)

A few days ago, he was trying to expound on the Russia/Georgia conflict, trying to rattle sabres, since threatening military action or actually killing people is literally the ONLY response he's capable of, and in the course of trying to condemn Russia's actions, actually said, "In the 21st Century, nations don't invade other nations."
I see.

Wonder what the souls of all those thousands of dead Iraqis and U.S. Soldiers think about that?

Seriously. This guy is a damned joke.

With a choice between the most opinionated and egotistical guy at the VFW (McCain) and the brilliant young executive at the local corporate headquarters (Obama), wonder who the American people will choose this time around?

Considering all the lies and utterly false notions that they'll have to endure between now and November, can they maintain their common sense and weed out the crap from reality?

Most of McCain's recent ads have made flat out false claims about Obama's tax plan, and a recent book (Obama Nation) put out by the same nut-case that squeezed out the hit-piece against Kerry, that is so full of documented lies and tabloid innuendo that it should be in the comedy section.

This same guy, Jerome Corsi, claims that the idea that oil is a finite resource is crazy, and that he, personally, doesn't believe that oil is formed from decomposing plants and stuff over millions of years, but that it's just.... there... and there's an infinite supply left. He also thought that George Bush was going to merge the U.S. with Mexico. (And of course he hates Catholics and Muslims, etc. etc. The usual Republican loon.)

So what's it going to be? Is McCain going to continue to heed the advise of Rove and his flying monkeys and the mega-lobbyists who are running his campaign and continue to swing for the fences when it comes to just plain making shit up?

Or is he going to honor his repeated pledge to not allow the campaign to devolve into the sewer?

What's your bet?


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