August 9, 2008

A sad, sad situation.

John Edwards fesses up to having an affair a couple years ago. What a shame.

To his great credit, at least in my book, he apparently owned up to it to his family about it at the time. To me, that's the end of the story. But of course, the media is going to go after this like a starving dog on a bone.

Initial reaction from the pundocracy ranged from the reasonable and humane, expressing their thoughts for the family and expressing sadness about it, while acknowledging the great amount of good Edwards has done in highlighting the plight of the poor and Katrina victims among others, to anger, as with Paul Begala that just tore Edwards apart, mostly because he thought his statement on the matter was insane somehow. (Begala thought Edwards said too much, and should have just made it short and sweet.)

But perhaps the most disturbing story line I've heard, mostly from media types like Andrea Mitchell, who appeared extremely defensive in trying to justify their frenzy over the story, was that somehow Edwards had it coming because he had included his family in his primary campaign.

That arguement strikes me as ridiculous, yet another reporter took it further, and just as Mitchell had, tried to say that Edwards was some big champion of "family values" simply because of his wife and the fact that he brought his family along to primary states where he was spending all his time.

This is really reaching for a rationalization for over-covering this story.

First of all, a politician who wants his family and young children near him while he spends months away from home is simply a good family guy, not to be confused with some phony blow-hard who fashion themselvs as heroic defenders of "family values" (read white married Christian familys and what they pretend to believe, not what they actually do.)

Edwards wasn't a "family values" candidate in that sense at all! Yet here are these vultures trying to use the same argument used when exposing the REAL hypocrites on the right who've been caught with their pants down, phonys who had trumpeted so-called "family values" at the top of their lungs and held themselves out as sterling examples of that ideal. (which of course was bullshit.)

Edwards really WAS a guy who exemplified family values in the truest sense of the word, but he didn't use it as a political tool to beat people over the head with.

In that respect, the argument that even though this is entirely a personal matter (Edwards is neither running for nor holds political office.) that somehow it's relevant because of the fact that he held himself out as a great family guy.

First of all, this is nothing more than a stupid attempt by some in the press to pretend that they treat Dems the same as Republicans when they get caught in sexual tight squeezes.

There's a real difference between exposing a phony hypocrite who has based their political popularity on bleating about "values" that he wants to force others to have, while not coming near them themselves, on the one hand, and a candidate who actually WAS a good family man by every account, a guy who had suffered and gotten through incredible tragedy and hardship with his wife of 35 years.

Edwards never held himself out as some champion of phony "family values" the way many Republicans have.

And the fact remains that, yes, a guy can be an outstanding husband, father, and family man, and STILL have an affair. Of course in our dumbed down media discourse, where everything has to be black and white simple, apparently you are either a great family guy, or a complete phony louse. That's simply false.

Newt Gingrich is a rotten phony hypocritical louse. Henry Hyde is (or was) a rotten phony hypocritical louse. David Vitter is a rotten phony hypocritical louse. Larry Craig is a rotten phony hypocritical louse. I could list literally dozens of Republicans who simultaneously held themselves out as paragons and warriors for sexual propriety and wholesome family values while engaging in mutliple affairs, producing children out of wedlock, random gay sexual encounters, and frequenting prostitutes, but you all know the facts.

When such rank hypocrisy is exposed, yes, it's legitimate news.

But is it worthy of a public lynching when a guy has an affair, admits it to his wife and family, they deal with it, and go on? Especially when, as noted, they don't hold office and aren't seeking office?

Now granted, there are some really bad aspects of the Edwards story. First of all, that he fell for an obvious political groupie. This woman apparently has led a pretty wild life, including hooking up with other politicians. Edwards should have been better than that, and for that he deserves to be criticized.

Also the matter of the thousands that this woman has been paid. Edward's story is that he knew nothing about it, despite the fact that it was paid out of his P.A.C. (though for video work on his campaign, probably legit.) But what's more troubling is that apparently some of his supporters or campaign staff made payments to the woman. To believe that Edwards didn't know about this is a toss up, but obviously it looks suspicious.

And of course, there's the "what if" hanging over it all. What if Edwards had become the Dem candidate for president? This would have blown him out of the water and any hope of the Dems retaking the White House would have been dashed. This seems to get the political hacks on TV the most excited and freaked out.

But seriously, I can't help but think that Edwards ran to advance both his own stature as well as the causes and issues both he and Elizabeth care deeply about, primarily the plight of the poor and middle class and the health care crisis. They knew their odds were long to begin with. Who knows? If it had turned out that Edwards became a front-runner in the primaries, he may have sabotaged his own campaign to avoid this landmine being exploded. For that matter, who's to say he didn't?

To me this issue is irrelevant, not only because it's a "what if" to begin with, but because I'm not sure that Edwards had a great shot to begin with. In that respect, deciding to run after both he and his wife were aware about this affair isn't quite as sinister and slimy as some pretend.

All an all, the press will have a field day, particularly CNN and FOX, since they're not covering the Olympics and this story is like a gift from heaven.

But seriously. The Edwards have already endured some very tough times, losing a son, and dealing with Elizabeth's health problems. Edwards has nothing to do with the presidential race, other than having been expected to give a speech at the convention, which is obviously not gonna happen. So why should they have to endure helicopters over their house, a traffic jam of press in front of their house, and all the other humiliation and stress of a 24/7 press circus with every Bozo out there trying to outdo the other in suggesting that things are more salacious than they are, seeing who can bash Edwards more than the next, particularly when they've already worked it through and have gone on. They've gone on in the face of Elizabeth's terminal cancer. I think the only decent thing to do is to let them live their lives and face their struggles.

Piling on seems just so.... wrong.


At 8/10/2008 7:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"To his GREAT credit, at least he confessed to his family at the time" (2006).

Are you kidding?

1. He was caught in the affair - it's not like he is the first person (man or woman) to have an affair and just confess it to his family. Most people, when caught, confess.

2. His wife has terminal cancer - what a pig!

3. He has a child with this girl, so the affair lasted beyond 2006, as the child was born in late 2007. Beofre you dismiss the child as 'not his' - the child was with her at the Beverly Hills many woman bring their child to meet their married-lover?

4. The affair went into 2008, as he was caught at the Beverly Hills Hilton with her.

TID, you must have pretty low standards as you are giving GREAT CREDIT to a man, who was cheating on his dying wife, lied to his family, continued the affair after being caught, moved the girl at least twice (so she could be closer to him), hired her with campaign funds to do a job that she was not qualified to do.

Do you need more?

You jump all over the McCain non-affair, yet justify Edwards as a great human being for admitting his affair.

What a hoot!

At 8/11/2008 3:39 AM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Anonymous joker above.

First of all, I'm not praising Edwards for having an affair, OK?

I do understand how it could happen, and from hearing therapists and those having gone through similar sitations where one spouse is seriously ill, I know that it's fairly common for the healthy spouse to succumb to the temptation to cheat.

Secondly, being a little shill for the party of adultery and hypocrisy, I find it almost laughable that you'd even have the nerve to try to jump on Edwards.

Your eagerness to try to make something political out of this situation shows that it's you, not Edwards, who's truly the "pig", if for no other reason than you're actively trying to distort the story to appear worse than it is, allowing you and the other disgusting flying monkey cultists to twist facts and try to make things more salatious and grubby than they are, and that is much more harmful to a woman you supposedly have sympathy for than anything Edwards actually did.
(but of course you have no sympathy for a dying woman, none. But you'll gladly use her as a prop to try to bash Edwards.)

Before you leave comments, you really ought to be sure of your facts. Certainly before you try for the old bulleted list thing.

First of all, you act like his being honest with his wife was a bad thing, a reason to think Edwards is dishonorable.

And I don't know what planet you're living on, but if most married people having affairs there confess, that's pretty stunning.

Edwards wasn't caught in this affair and forced to confess. He voluntarily confessed to his wife before she knew anything about it Big difference. But I know how hard it is for you to manufacture crap and still stick to facts.

And who's the pig? You say that Edwards is a pig because his wife has cancer? What sort of asshole are you?

Again, you don't know what you're talking about (probably swallowing the liese from Fox again, right?)

At the time of this affair Elizabeth's cancer had been in remission for some time. Does this excuse it? Hell no. But don't act like he pulled a NEWT FREAKING GINGRICH and had divorce papers dumped on his wife as she lay in a hospital receiving cancer treatment. You like Newt, right? He's fine in your department, I'm sure.

Again, you flatly state that Edwards had a child with this woman, when that is a fact that is simply not true and as of now, unknown.

Again, you're such a brain dead dufus that you see some crap from the National Enquirer on Fox and .... just swallow it whole, don't you? That makes you a much stupider person. Stop it.

Edwards didn't have a child with this woman, and until it's proven, to say so is a flat out lie.

Again, you're stupid, aren't you? You're not really used to using logic or thinking things through, are you?

"How many woman bring their child to meet their married-lover?", you ask, as if that's all the proof you need that it's his child.

Don't you see how stupid you are? What if that were the standard for paternity in court? Well, he went to meet the mother and the mother had the baby with her, your honor, therefore I rest my case, he simply MUST be the father!"

What sort of impicicile are you, seriously?

Secondly, I'd wager that MILLIONS of women have no problem bringing a very young child with them to meet a man they once had an affair with. Why not? Do you think the 6 year old kid will know the score or something? Again, just how damned idiotic are you?

Sorry for getting a bit frustrated, but really, I've had about all the dumb-ass lame-ass lazy lies designed to slam Dems I can take. You guys are really, REALLY scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Here's a suggestion. Before you click "send" on crap like this, read it out loud and see if it makes any sense. That would be so good.

Then again with your insane logic. You state, AS FACT, that the affair went on into 2008 because, in your feeble thought process, he was caught in the Beverly Hills Hilton with this woman.

Were you there? Were you under the bed beating your meat? Otherwise how do you know what went on?

You think this child has to be Edwards' because (in your twisted logic) no woman would ever bring a child that wasn't Edwards along to meet him.

(First of all, the woman was at the hotel for a completely different reason. Edwards was informed that she was there and wanted to talk, so he went to see her. I'd bet the farm that she was trying to extort him for even more $. Yet you assume they had sex????!!

Some bimbo is trying to shake you down and you're going to have sex with her? HA!

And then, even though you assume this woman is so virtuous that she'd NEVER bring a child with her if it wasn't Edwards' child, you're eager to assume that they had sex....with the child there.

So in order for your tortured logic to work, this woman is Mother Teresa, who'd never expose her own child to some guy she once had an affair with a couple years ago, yet moments later, she's screwing his eyes out with the kid in the room.

And you make both assumtions within 30 seconds, so hard are you scraping to make your idiotic assumptions appear to make any sense.

Do I need more, you ask? Yeah. I do.

I didn't bring up McCain's admitted adultery, but thanks for doing so.

You tell me why you don't have a similarly low opinion of John McCain, a guy who was screwing a beautiful heiress worth $100 million WHILE still married to a woman who'd been horribly crippled and confined to a wheel-chair in a tragic auto accident while raising his kids and waiting for him to return from Vietnam?

Are you really such a twisted asshole, so thoroughly whacked out in defending any Republican, that you think what Edwards did somehow displays a lesser character than what John McCain ADMITS to have done?

John Edwards stuck with his wife, told he the truth, and she chose to work it through.

McCain came home, saw his trophy wife wasn't much of a trophy anymore, and promptly started bonking some millionairess before bothering to get a divorce.

Now go away, you don't make sense, and you're need to mindlessly worship your conservative masters has destroyed your ability to find the truth and recognize lies, or even know the difference.

You really ought to take a hard look at yourself and what you're willing to believe. When you believe lies, you're making yourself ignorant. But is it being ignorant for the sake of the Republican party and the wealthy they represent make it worth it?

By the way, I hear that the MCain campaign is giving you minions stuff to cut and paste on blogs and other places and asking that you then tell them about it, so you can then win cool prizes.

With your level of zealous wing-nuttery, you should at LEAST get a toaster-oven.

At 8/12/2008 9:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,

Oh, are you done? Goodness, Dope, can you express a simple thought without bloviating forever?

It appears as though Edwards has a real issue now as CNN is reporting that he spent between $3,000,000, maybe as much as $8,000,000 buying his mistress (and some related guy) a house++.

Was it personal funds?
Was it campaign funds?
Was it donor funds?
Was it disclosed?
Was it reported (IRS)?

It appears as though the DOJ/ FEC, maybe the FBI will be investigating.

As with Clinton, dismissing this as 'just sex' ain't going to cut it.

This is a big story and Mr. Edwards may find himself in jail by the time all is done and said!!!!

At 8/12/2008 2:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If adultery or the suspicion of same disqualifies one from being a good public servant, than we'd better discount the contributions of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, FDR, Dwight Eisenhower, John Kennedy, Edward Kennedy and Bill Clinton not to mention the dozens of others who didn't get caught.

At 8/12/2008 9:56 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

And McCain paid off his mangled first wife with Cindy's millions too, paid for her medical expenses for life, etc.

Little difference there.

And you can bitch about your ADD and inability to read or comprehend anything more than a few paragraphs, but it's really getting old.

Endlessly blaming others for your shortcomings isn't flattering.

Start your own blog where you can leave your USA Today style thoughts in just a few words.

Oh, that's right. You already did and it went belly up.

You can't produce a blog, just troll around endlessly criticizing my work.

That's really something to take pride in. (what a putz.)

And of course, all your wild accusations about Edwards aren't worth a dime unless they're proven true. (at least to people to whom the truth and actual facts still mean something.)

See the post above and then come back and keep trying to make this an issue.

I welcome it.

At 8/13/2008 6:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Always interesting -

McCain is accused of an affair - (even when it was a total falsehood) and it is big news!

Dope, you posted about McCain, a number of times.

All of a sudden, when it is Edwards, it is a shame. It is a meaningless affair. It is, 'when does this disqualify one from being a good public servant?'

Liberals have such a grand capacity for hypocricy!

At 8/18/2008 8:44 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

OK, right off the bat, you're freaking lying.

McCain DID have an affair with Cindy Lou Who, and has ADMITTED IT.

And you're such a damn gullible lock-step wing-nut that you actually come around saying it's a LIE????

What the hell is wrong with you? Are you saying McCain was lying about having an affair when he admitted to it?

Until you have even a shred of credibility in your stupid arguments, don't bother.


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