July 31, 2008

What is the point to all of this crap?

Behold the frenzy based on one unverified, second-hand quote from one columnist....

Is this the result of McCain trying to work the refs and whining that the old man isn't getting enough coverage? So the press has to grasp at any ridiculous tid bit and try to take it seriously in order to avoid seeming "partisan" towards Obama? Is this all they have to work with on Obama?

McCain should thank his lucky stars that the press largely doesn't fixate on his mutliple flip-flop-flips and stunning mistakes, but yet there they are, every single day, seemingly trying to come up with yet another way to come across as some cranky, bitter, jealous old man who's pissed off that some wipper-snapper is actually more popular.

It's over. I think McCain has morphed into Bob Dole.

Think about it. Two elderly Republicans who'd been jumping at the presidency and failing for decades, they finally find their "in", get the nomination largely on the idea that it's simply their turn, they both are horrible campaigners, their policy ideas are unpopular at best, and mainly consist of continuing to do whatever benefits the most wealthy in the country, and screw the rest of you, they both think that all they need to do is say, "Hey, I'm a wounded war vet." and they'll win the election. Neither of them has/had a coherant reason for being president, or any clear message or vision of where they wanted to take the country.

And both revealed themselves to be cranky, bitter, old white guys with nothing to offer except carping about the young guy and trying to spread slime about them.

At least Dole had a genuine sense of humor that didn't betray an underlying callousness and mean-spiritedness like McCain.

But it's beginning to look like Dole all over again. Only McCain might do worse if he and his campaign can't find anything else to do but spout far-fetched and downright goofy bitches about the guy who offers a new course.

Sen. McCain, the Viagra ad people are on line two.


At 8/01/2008 12:04 AM, Blogger Saul said...

Though I don't disagree with what you're saying about the sad state of the McCain campaign, this hoopla seems to be completely generated by the media looking for something critical to say about Obama.

Dana Milbank, the propagator of this "quote" from Obama, is a tool. The column that started all of this garbage is completely taken apart here. Milbank wrote a similarly contemptuous piece a few days ago about the House Judiciary Committee's hearing on Bush's abuse of executive authority. Even with something as important and necessary as that hearing, all Milbank could come up with was a few pathetic attempts at "snark". So much for journalism and informed commentary. The rest of the chorus of clowns that followed are even worse, in that all they appeared to do was harp on this "quote" from Milbanks' column.

I have to say that the Fox guy at the end of the clip, a guy I normally can't stand, sounded like he was seeing through the hype this time and saying that this was all a load of crap. Hats off to him.

At 8/01/2008 6:14 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

I generally like Dana Milbank, and his trademark is a good amount of snarkiness. Not sure I can lay a lot of blame on him for this, since he simply passed along something that Obama reportedly said, and didn't mislead readers about it's second hand origin.

It was the rest of the media, no doubt stoked up by dozens of e-mails and blast faxes putting out the story line from the McCain camp, that took it and ran with it until it was unrecognizable from the original "story", which wasn't much of a story to begin with.

And yes, it must be a sign of the appocolypse when Shep Smith, normally a predictibly churlish Fox robot, can't restrain himself from calling crap crap.

At 8/03/2008 6:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't understand where you suggest that the McCain campaign is in such trouble...

The Republican Party, by all accounts, is going to get killed in November. The Dem's should hold a 60-40 majority in the Senate. Any Dem candidate for POTUS would have a/ should have a substantial lead over McCain.

Obama had a 10-day Middle East Tour whereby he was THE headline story for 10-days straight.

Yet, Obama, if he has a lead at all, it is razor thin.

I'd suggest that the story is how terrible Obama is doing, when he should be wiping the floor with the old crumungen McCain.

Something is going on whereby voters are walking away from Obama, but not other Dem's - why?

At 8/03/2008 2:09 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

A few points which may enlighten you.

1. The McCain campaign IS in trouble. The candidate is boring, doesn't work weekends, has taken 3 different positions on most major policies, represents the past when people overwhelmingly want change, and the campaign is so screwed up that only last week, the McCain campaign issued a statement saying that McCain doesn't speak for the McCain campaign!!!

He's gone from painfully horrible speeches with a teleprompter to staring at note cards to the point where it looks like he's staring at his shoes for 90% of his stump speeches.

Yes, they're in real trouble.

You can try to cling to hope due to Obama's slim lead in the polls.

And some of that is real. But why is it that tight? It's because of stupidity, lies, and false information.

The reasons so many people haven't or won't sign on for Obama are many, and almost none of them are rational.

There's the fact that he's black. Many Americans, even today, won't vote for a black person.

Then there's the whisper campaigns, the smear efforts, the massive dissemination of utterly false notions about Obama.

This accounts for an enormous number of really idiotic and uninformed people choosing McCain, a candidate who will actively work against their own interests.

This includes people who still believe Obama is a "secret Muslim", think he's "foreign" somehow, and at bottom are looking for any excuse to cover up the fact that they're racist and don't like the idea of a black president.

These people still believe he's Muslim even though they know he's stated he is a Christian. They think he's lying.

There is no hope for such people, as they're ignorant morons and nothing will change that, not facts, not reality, nothing.

Take away the moron vote, and Obama would have a huge lead.

Take away all the folks out there who are against him for reasons which make absolutely no sense, or are utterly silly, such as the idea he's a radical, or, as Jerome Corsi recently stated on Fox and in his new slander book on Obama, that Obama actually supports abortion rights to the point of maintaining that a mother has the right to kill their baby even AFTER it's born, and you get the picture.

These people will swallow ANYTHING, no matter how ridiculous, because they're so stupid and more importantly, uninformed. Some would literally believe that Obama was from another planet if a guy in a suit on FOX News said so.

Then there's the righties, those with such psychological disorders that they can't bring themselves to face the fact that they've been used like a rented mule, mislead and lied to, and that they were actually so gullible as to have fallen for it all, and that they've been made fools of for 8 years at least.

It's either admit that, or keep up the desperate illusion that they were right all along. Even though the latter choice makes them look even more idiotic and reveals the extent of their mindless obedience to right wing authority figures, it's still less painful than accepting that the ideology that they've chosen to define their very being with, that they've wrapped themselves in and that they thought would allow them to be arrogant, incurious, fat, dumb, and happy for the rest of their days, has been discredited and is collapsing around their feet.

Right wing hooey has literally defined these people's personal identity for years now. To admit it was all so much crap is simply too tough psychologically. It would mean admitting in essence that their entire personalities were bullshit, that their credibility on political matters is gone.

And their egos won't allow that.

Of course, if they'd be strong enough to admit that they'd been mislead, that they had swallowed too much of what Bush, etc. told them without question, that they were wrong to simply think that their government couldn't possibly lie or willingly decieve them on matters of such importance. (they did.) then they would actually regain their credibility, because this would show that they are aware, willing to admit mistakes, and change accordingly.

But instead, they still cling to the crap, they still mindlessly parrot and cling to the utter bullshit fed to them through Fox, etc. They still try to make arguments that would make a rational person blush. They ape and parrot attacks on Obama that strain every sense of seriousness or rationality.

And so, they very much deserve to be put down, scorned, and disrespected. They were wrong, but much worse, can't admit it, and won't adapt to reality.

All this is to say that there's a large core of people who have thought they were right, based on nothing but the lies they chose to believe and the false information they took as truth.

Most of these people don't have the character to simply change as facts and new evidence demand and still cling to policies which have led to unimaginably huge losses of treasure, blood, and standing in the world.

This is why they don't deserve respect. The policies they've loudly cheerlead for, spending years demeaning anyone who opposed them, calling names, calling them traitors, accusing them of "hating America" and all the other disgusting garbage they spewed, these very policies have been clearly and indisputibly been shown to have been failures on a scale perhaps never before seen in our country's history.

What sort of person still tries to justify and excuse these disasterous failures?

A moron. An ignorant person desperately clinging to things they know are wrong, too stubborn to change even when they know the views they argue for are incredibly harmful to the country and the world.

And when you point that out, they say you're "hateful". Nice trick.
But they're the ones who are dangerous to our country and the world beyond in their stubborn and irrational desperation to pretend their views and policies are anything less than miserable failures.

And these folks are the ones who continue to prop John McCain up.

But even the McCain campaign has enough sense to realize that he can't possibly stand a chance if he campaigns on the fact that he wants to continue right down the same path we've been on, with only some cosmetic tinkering around the edges.

So they instead, just as Obama correctly pointed out, try to scare ignorant people with so many lies that they actually come to the belief that Obama would turn all our schools into Muslim madrassas and our children into radical jihadists.

What do you get with an electorate that's so stupid and tragically unaware of reality?

You get President McCain.

They know that, and that's exactly why they're running the sort of campaign they are, full of lies, trivia, silliness, desperate spin, and avoidance of serious issues.

Why isn't Obama closer in the polls?

Because there are still a lot of Americans who are basing their choices on utterly false information, utterly false information provided by God's Own Party, the Republicans.

Good thing McCain said he'd run a clean campaign. I'd hate to see a dirty one.


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