August 12, 2008

Hey, what about that guy who's actually running for President?

Here's a few thoughts on the matter of John Edwards that seem worth bearing in mind while the right wing froths and foams at the mouth, tying themselves in knots trying to somehow make this an issue in the presidential campaign, or even more ludicrous yet, trying to suggest that it's the Democrats who by nature are more morally corrupt.

Frankly, I don't think this should even be an issue, but since the Republicans simply can't resist making it an issue, then let's take a look.

1. Edwards isn't on any ballot. He's not asking for anyone's vote, and isn't playing any role in the Obama campaign. He's not running for president.

That said, he WAS a candidate in the primary. If you want to condemn him for running despite knowing that his affair could be exposed, then have at it.

But the fact remains that he's doesn't hold office or seek office. The only thing the guy really was doing was trying to fight for the issues of poverty and the middle class. Again, if you want to beat him up for that, have at it.

2. While Democrats seem to attract women who are political groupies, going to extreme lengths in trying to meet them and have an affair with them by hook or by crook, Republicans have to either pay for it or hang out in public rest-rooms cruising for anonymous gay sex.

Is it something about the hypocrisy? The phony piousness and religiosity?

As the joke goes, how many Republicans can you fit in the closet?

Answer: Apparently damn near all of them.

The evidence is mountainous.

Clinton and Edwards had women obsessed with them. They foolishly and stunningly succumbed to the temptation, then unsurprisingly, lied about it to attempt to cover it up. Dumb, dumb, dumb. But morally corrupt? I'm not sure that infidelity, as bad and destructive as it is, is exactly considered "perverse" or sexually odd. It's certainly not a good thing, but is it in the league of Republican sexual perversion?

And the idiot Elliot Spitzer. Caught paying a prostitute and thus becoming the only Dem found doing so.

Republicans? Not so much. And you don't exactly have to comb through 50 years of past history to find the evidence. (If I did, you could go back to Strom Thurmond who had sex with a 15 year old black girl and produced a child.) There's plenty from just the past 8 years.

All of these goons held office, with the exception of Haggard. He just advised the president.

First and foremost, John McCain IS running for president of the United States.

The Republican who is running for President admittedly was screwing his current wife while he was still married to his first wife, who sat in a wheel chair as McCain chased Cindy around the country.

John McCain married a woman named Carol, a "famous beauty and swimwear model", and they had three children. He went off to Vietnam, got shot down and captured. While raising their children and waiting for McCain, Carol was involved in a horrid car wreck and left bleeding and near dead for hours before they found her. The injuries required years and dozens of surgeries to survive, and left her in a wheelchair and several pounds heavier.

When John McCain finally got home, she wasn't his little trophy wife anymore. Then he met Cindy McCain, chased her around the country to pursue her, cheating on his now crippled wife, before finally telling Carol he wanted to dump her. McCain got married to little Cindy a month after the divorce from Carol was official, and her multi-millionaire dad gave John a job. The rest is history. And McCain no doubt really wants to keep this chapter quiet.

With Fox news and the rest of the media giving saturation coverage to the Edwards story, how many times have you heard them discuss John McCain's admitted infidelity to the crippled wife of his three children? How many times do you think reporters will ask McCain about it? Why?

Read the story McCain and Republicans hope you never hear.

Funny then that Republicans would actually be so stupid as to try to smear Obama with Edwards infidelity when their own candidate is guilty of worse.

Then there's a small, and I do mean small, sampling of Republican's and their "family values." which they displayed in their personal life.

And remember, these are only a few who got caught. Imagine what's still going on or undiscovered. (Ewwwww! On second thought, don't.)

Larry "Wide Stance" Craig: Caught doing the pants down dance with cops in a public toilet. A public toilet that happens to be in the same airport where everyone will be arriving for the upcoming Republican convention. I'm sure it will be a popular stop.

The Republican Florida Representative and Florida Chairman of John McCain's campaign busted for offering an African American man $20 for sex in a park rest room, then using the argument that he only did it because he was scared of the black guy. Aren't all Republicans?

The good Reverend Ted Haggard, mega-church shill, leader of millions of Evangelicals, and Bush advisor on matters of religion, caught engaging in meth fueled gay sex with a homosexual prostitute. (triple points... gay AND paying for it, AND holding himself out as a paragon of Republican (anti-gay) moral values.)

Republican Louisiana congressman David Vitter, shown to have paid big money to prostitutes while bashing gays and running his mouth about enforcing "family values."

His wife was asked if she'd be as forgiving as Hillary Clinton were her husband revealed as having cheated on her. She famously responded that she was more like Lorrena Bobbit than Hillary, and that if that happened, she'd divorce him and walk away with more than just alimony.

Anyone noticed if Vitter's voice is higher lately? Or was his wife a hypocrite too?

Then of course the Republican congressional candidate and party big-shot busted in a St. Paul Minnesota hooker sting.

Republican "Buzz" Lukins, busted for having sex with a 13 yr old African American girl, and then paying her $40 to have sex with her again when she was the ripe old age of 16. Then got busted for fondling a Capitol Hill elevator operator. Resigned. Went to jail. But not for the statutory rape, for accepting bribes. (We won't even go into Republican corruption... too large a subject.)

Then there's top Republican and Bush aid Carry Lee Cramer. He made huge money producing Republican propaganda, including a knock-off of the famous daisy ad for Bush back in 2000 accusing Gore and Clinton of selling nuclear secrets in exchange for campaign cash. (I know, insane, but what do you expect?) Then it came out that he'd sexually molested the little girl that he'd used in the ad and he was convicted of aggravated sexual assault of a child, two counts of indecency with a child by contact and one count of indecency with a child by exposure. Ah yes, truth is stranger than Republican fiction.

Why, no less a figure than the president of the Michigan Federation of Young Republicans was convicted of sexual battery for admittedly forcing sex acts on a fellow young Republican after he escorted her back to her room during a young Republican convention because she was so drunk she could barely stand. And this sterling character even addressed the Republican National Convention when he was 18. A rising star indeed.

And speaking of the sort of young people with sound moral judgement that are attracted to the Republican party, there's the Chairman of the Young Republicans National Federation and Chairman of the Clark County (IN) Republican Party, Glen Murphy Jr. who certainly must have made Glen Sr. proud. Murphy was a highly paid Republican consultant who urged candidates to use the gay marriage as a wedge issue.

It seems this paragon of Republican virtue got a fellow young Republican drunk (seems to be a pattern) and got him (yes him) to spend the night as his house after a party. During the night, the young man woke up to find Murphy attempting to give him mouth to penis resuscitation. As Wonkette says, Murphy was charged with deviant sexual assault simply because some whining Republican doesn't want to wake up to the national chairman fellating them. Loser.

After this incident was reported, a sexual battery report from 1998 came to light in which he was accused of doing the exact same thing to another young man. Well, ya know. It's sorta the job description any more.

Mark Foley, big Republican morality defender, soliciting 16 year old pages for gay sex. Nice.

Newt Gingrich, leader of the "Republican Revolution" was cheating on his wife while effectively crippling our government with a trumped up impeachment of Bill Clinton.

Newts replacement, Republican Majority Leader Bob Livingston, was forced to resign in the face of his long-time cheating ways.

The Republican legislative candidate who admitted to having sex with his two underage daughters and was tried and convicted, yet still insisted he be allowed to run for office.

And of course, that's just the tip of the devient Republican iceberg, as it were.

Just google "Repbulican perverts" and the lists are endless. Here's just one I stumbled across in the course of putting this together.

So to those who have the gall to yammer about John Edwards, just remember that deal about glass houses? Edwards cheated on his wife.

So did John McCain.

Edwards' wife had cancer, though it was in remission at the time this ocurred.

McCain's wife had been crippled and maimed in a car accident, but still waited years for McCain's return. McCain dumped her for a newer, richer model.

How is one worse than the other? I don't think McCain comes out ahead in this particular pissing contest. Still wanna talk about what a cad John Edwards is?

And when it comes to pure, 100%, Grade A, sexual perversion and immoral behavior, the Republicans are BY FAR the reigning champs, hands down.


At 8/12/2008 11:15 PM, Blogger tiz said...

McCain knows not to touch this with a ten foot pole. He's apparently not above low blows anymore but his camp surely has to know this would blow up in his face. I'm sure the hardcore bible thumpers will have issues with this but they're already in the bag for the GOP. Personally I could care less who or how many people anyone (including the people I vote for) decides to screw, as long as they're old enough and consenting.

The thing that annoys me about this is the jackass Clinton surrogates who are saying this would have changed the game in Iowa. There was at least one poll out today showing this to be false, and I can tell you antidotially this is BS. She ran a shitty campaign here and I have no reason to think that the Richardson, Dodd and Biden people who overwhelmingly came over to Obama woudln't have been joined by the Edwards people had he not been viable.

At 8/13/2008 9:47 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Amen on the Clintonistas continuing to try to pick at that scab. Wolfson's assertion was ridiculous and demonstrably false, but .. guess you just have to grin and figure they're still smarting and desperate to point fingers anywhere but at the Clinton campaign itself.

Ugly? You bet. Irresponsible? Of coruse. But there you have it.

The ugly and disfunctional campaign that apparently can't just go away.


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