August 7, 2008


I'd like to shake the hand of the man or woman who pulled this off. It's so funny for so many reasons. Of course, the possibility exists that McCain himself put it on, which would explain a lot about how he doesn't seem to be comfortable saying the things his handlers insist he say.
Last week after he pulled one of his too numerous to count reversals, his campaign issued a statement saying in essence that John McCain doesn't speak for the John McCain campaign. He's clearly uneasy with his own candidacy and his demeanor often reveals that he thinks the things they tell him to say is crap.
But he doesn't care enough to not say them. No, he's willing to do and say things he directly opposes, say things he doesn't in any way believe, and make dishonest slams at Obama that even he doesn't believe and clearly thinks is ridiculous, because the Rove acolytes running his campaign tells him it will get him into the White House.
Good luck John. Hope you have a good shrink.


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