August 9, 2008

THIS is "Straight Talk"???!!!

The race continues.... McCain... well...

Can we stand another bumbling president?

After watching this, can anyone still argue that raising the issue of his age and fitness to lead is not a prefectly legitimate question?

(To his credit, McCain is a horrible liar, and is obviously flumuxed when forced to explain or defend the ridiculous charges and attacks he's told to make.)

Bonus! Full transcript of McCain's rant at the Sturgis biker rally:
Is there anybody.. is thats...tired a paying four dollars a dent.. a bucks... four DOLLARS a gallon for gasoline, is there anybody that's sick and tired of it? Is there anybody that wants to become energy independent? Well I'm tellin' ya right now we're sending $700 billion dollars over year and your congress just went on vacation for five weeks.

(yelling like an old man telling kids to stay out of his tomatoes.) Tell 'em to come back and get to work! Tell 'em to get to work!
(McCain hasn't cast a vote in the senate for many months, even though both Clinton and Obama returned to D.C. to cast votes on critical and controversial issues, McCain couldn't be bothered. "Get to work", indeed.)

When I'm president of the United States I'm not gonna let 'em go on vacation. They're gonna, they're gonna become energy independent and we're not gonna pay $4 a gallon for gas because we're gonna drill offshore and we're gonna DRILL NOW! And we're gonna drill here and we're gonna drill now.

(Looks at cards) My opponent dun wanna drill he doesn't want nuclear power. He wants you to inflate your tires.

My friends we need a commander in chief , we need a commander in chief who'll end the war in Iraq but will win it the right way and that's by winning it.

I guess winning the wrong way is to lose? My head hurts.


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