August 7, 2008

Full blown schizophrenia

Consider this: The Republicans/McCain campaign/right wing sock puppets are all busily huffing and puffing about how Obama is an "elitist", why, they say, he doesn't even shovel fat and grease laden crap into his mouth on a daily basis, he tries not to. Hell, the guy stays fit. You can't trust anyone like that. He probably eats "arugula" (a fine lettuce green which apparently only bad people eat.) and sips lattes (like about 10 gazillion other Americans).

No less a back-country hick than "Turd blossom" himself, Karl Rove, displayed his disdain, "Even if you never met him, you know this guy. He's the guy at the country club with the beautiful date, holding a martini and a cigarette that stands against the wall and makes snide comments about everyone who passes by."

Yeah, that's it. The guy at the country club that's better than you. You oughta hate him, because he's making fun of you behind your back.

Never mind that many top Republican backers belong to clubs where armed guards would more likely shoot you than let riff-raff like yourself in. (and that applies to anyone reading this, I don't care if you're worth $50 million.)

Never mind that McCain's chief financial policy advisor, "Deputy Dawg" Phil Gramm, who's been busily collecting millions from his new boss, UBS Warburg, the outfit that collaborated with the Nazis and helps the upper crust avoid taxes by hiding their millions in secret foreign accounts, never mind that he thinks we're all a bunch of whiners for daring to complain about the economic meltdown he played a direct and major role in creating. It's all in our heads. Hell, he and all his pals have been doing just GREAT. So all of us should just shut up and get over it.

But it's Obama who's "uppity" and arrogant and "out-of-touch". Yep. If you work at a grain facility in some small town, you better vote for McCain. He's more like you.

Sure, he wears shoes that cost more than you make in two weeks, and so maybe he owns nine homes (that's NINE houses, condos, and ranches.) across the country, and sure, earlier in the campaign he got around in the McCain's own private jet, and his wife is pretty much unemployed and busies herself doing charity work with other women from the country club.

But the wrinkly white-haired guy's a real salt-of-the-earth kind of guy. Not elitist in the least.

Obama, on the other hand, a kid from a broken marriage between a woman from Kansas and a guy from Kenya, raised in large part by his grandmother, who never had a thing handed to him in his life, who earned a spot at Harvard (Bush went to Yale, but I guess only getting in as a legacy and barely passing excuses him?) and excelled to the point of becoming the first black editor of the Harvard Law Review, was courted by huge firms on Wall Street where he could have made millions easily, but chose to go back to Chicago and work trying to improve the lot of inner city residents...HE'S the guy who's an elitist and doesn't know what your life is like.

This.... is insane. And stupid.

Same tired old attempt to drive a wedge between Dem candidates and the middle/lower class voter by spreading pure unadulterated horse shit that the Republicans have been relying out for decades now. Without the "Big Lie" and obviously false propaganda, the Republicans would be such a tiny minority that they'd become extinct.

Yet behold their miraculous transformation when it comes to anyone who points out just how destructive and counter productive tax cuts for the rich have proven. Recall their shrill refrain every time anyone tries to point out the vast gulf between the top few percent wealthiest people and the other 90% of us, how it's never been wider since before the Great Depression (although I don't know what was so great about it.)

What happens when anyone addresses this gross misjustice and dangerous imbalance? Do I even have to tell you?

Of course. The every people trying to smear Dems as "country club elitists" and snobs are the very first to cry "class warfare!!!!" as if that's akin to treason. It is a rule carved in stone among the right that you shall NEVER, and I mean NEVER question any government policies which favor the extremely rich or corporations. And in turn, you must mindlessly accuse anyone who speaks out against it of "class warfare" (even though the only "class war" which has been being waged, and won, is that of the very wealthy against the poor and middle class.), being some sort of Communist or socialist, and dismissing anyone who even speaks of the issue as some sort of weirdo nut case.

They absolutely panic when anyone mentions how their policies have wrecked the middle-class, stacked the deck and fixed the game so that the very wealthy always win, enjoy all of the profit and reward while having the rest of us assume the risk if they fail, and rigged it so that they don't have to pay much of anything in taxes to the very country which allows them to prosper to the point where they can't even keep track of how many millions they're worth.

These people, it's assumed, are the ones who aren't whining. They have the right mental attitude. Invest in Republicans, the percentage of returns is better than any legitimate investment. Who cares if it bankrupts the country and wrecks the economy when you've got a house in Switzerland and enough money stashed in numbered accounts there to last 843 lifetimes? Let them eat cake!

So let's review. Democratic presidential candidates are always elitist, country club, out-of-touch snobs. Republican candidates, despite the fact that they attend the same colleges that the Republicans sneer at Dems for attending, despite the fact that they've lived lives of great wealth beyond any ordinary person's dreams, and despite the fact that they've been completely insulated from the lives of anyone remotely resembling someone in the "middle-class" and wouldn't recognize the things 99% of Americans deal with on a daily basis if it bit them in the ass, are "men of the people."

And we don't need no stinking celebrities running for office! Except Reagan, Schwarzenegger, Fred Thompson, Sonny Bono and the guy who played "Gopher" on the Love Boat. They're Republicans. It's OK.

What the Republicans tell Americans is this. The person we should elect as President of the United States and leader of the free world in these very perilous times should be:

Fat and/or overweight. Eat total crap food, fried, deep fried, processed, cheap artery clogging garbage.

Not own a large home. It would be better if they lived in a double-wide, or better yet, slept in a tent.

Not be physically fit or work out. Most Americans don't. So that's bad.

Be uneducated. Or at least have graduated from some mediocre school. And it would be best if they didn't get very good grades. That's a plus. This argument assumes that most Americans are uneducated, and so the president should be too. On this score, they have the perfect candidate. McCain graduated second to the last in his West Point class. That makes him great.

Not exhibit a trace of sophistication, grace, or class. A candidate should eat with their mouth open and preferably with their hands. A good belch every now and then would seal the deal. McCain's gutter humor and obvious crudeness is just what we need. Hell, he even volunteered his trophy wife to enter a meat-market contest at a biker rally. Anyone who treats his wife with little respect and as a mindless sex object (like real men, apparently) is what this country needs.

Stupidity and ignorance makes you a Great American. Or as Paul Krugman sums up the Republican message, "Real men don't think things through."

Someone damaged in a war. Unless of course they never served. That's OK too. Whichever the Dem candidate did is bad though... very bad.

If a candidate is extremely popular, that's not good, it's bad. They're like Hitler.

If a candidate can no longer attract crowds and has resorted to finding events where there's already going to be a crowd anyway and injecting themselves into it, like McCain, that's good.

A candidate should not, by any means, be able to speak English articulately and communicate effectively. They should never appear at ease when speaking, but should act as though they hate it, don't have the skill or mentality to be able to deliver a speech coherently, and should at all times be reading from 3x5 cards on a stand in front of them, looking up only occasionally, and then mangling what they're trying to say.

Someone who speaks clearly, coherently, and effectively and inspires crowds is bad. Very bad.

A candidate must be Caucasian. Any other skin color is to be feared and mistrusted. And if you don't feel that way already, the Republicans are eager to help.

A candidate must be white or else they're not Christian, despite clear evidence that they are. If they regularly attend church, it's the wrong one. If they're close to their pastor, then attack the pastor. Force them to quit their church. Then start saying he's a Muslim. When Obama says he's a Christian, don't believe him. He's something else. Probably Muslim. That's bad. Very bad. He might be a plant.

If a candidate is white, even if they never utter a word about their faith other than spouting "God bless America" at the end of a speech, never attend church or any other signs of being involved in their faith, and have multiple marriages and other things in their past that might suggest falling a little short in the Christian department, they are to be unquestioningly assumed to be good Christian men and their faith and religious faith never doubted or even discussed. Ever.

Sure none of this makes a lick of sense. Sure it's delusional and sounds like no one with any self-respect would even think of suggesting them. But it's all true. Ask a hard-core Republican. They parted company with reality many years ago. (and took a lot of gullible frightened angry people with them.)

The Republican mantra in a nutshell? What you want as president is someone who's as stupid, uneducated, crude, fat, lazy, white and phony Christian as you are. Otherwise they're to be distrusted and scorned. And for males, someone who's as macho, tough, kick-ass, and violent as you think you are in your fantasies.

Successful Democrats are elitist and arrogant, and if they're black, they're "uppity".

Successful Republicans are fine Christians who've got the right stuff, should be universally admired, represent the true American ideal, the government should serve them, and not the needy, and if you don't like it, you're engaging in class warfare, a socialist, commie, or worse.

Being rich is good and government policies which make the rich richer and the rest of us poorer are A-OK. The extremely rich know what's best for the rest of us. So just shut up. They're better than you, and you wish you could be like them. Hell, you might even think you CAN be like them someday, if you just keep voting Republican and pretending you're like them by voting for people who protect their interest. It's almost like being in their club! At least you can pretend.

Unless you're a Democrat. Then if you're rich, you're out-of-touch and suspicious. Not to be trusted. If you make a peep about anything which might step on the gravy train for the rich, why, you're flat out insane and any policy which purports to help the poor or middle class and take a little away from the top 10% who own 80% of the assets in the entire country is that last thing the poor and middle class want. Just trust the Republicans.

Any good little right wingers care to take a stab at squaring the schizophrenic dogma of your party?

Anyone have a clue as to how Republicans have the nerve to try to convince Americans that only an incompetent boob should be President and that they should never vote for someone who's smarter or more successful than they are? (Unless, of course, they're Republican.)

How 'bout you Mowen? You've always defended the indefensible, the policies which are utter failures, the crazy schemes and the lies. You always pretend to welcome these "debates". I'm sure we'd love to hear someone explain how the crap you constantly parrot makes sense. Last time I posted some lunacy in your own words and invited you to explain it. You declined. (Not that I'm surprised.) Here's another chance.

How is a black guy raised by a single mother who's risen to become a candidate for president somehow an "elitist" and out of touch with the average citizen, while the son and grandson of Admirals, who owns 9 homes and is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and who's lived in the bubble of D.C. for decades, isn't?

This is what Republicans want Americans to believe. Tell me how it's not a load of crap. And what are you going to do once Americans refuse to fall for it anymore?

And a bonus question: What's so funny about encouraging Americans to take a simple step (making sure tires are properly inflated.) which will save them a lot of money and reduce oil consumption by hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil a year, as much or more as would be produced by off-shore drilling? Why does McCain think it's some sort of joke when every national automobile organization, the U.S. government and even NASCAR suggests doing the same thing?

Do you think it was clever or dishonest of Mccain to suggest that was the sum total of Obama's energy plan? Is telling people that Obama thinks properly inflating our tires will completely solve our dependency on foreign oil the act of an honorable man? Or one who thinks people are just that stupid?

What sort of loser resorts to that type of garbage?

P.P.S. I think the Paris vid is about the best of the campaign. Brilliant message, brilliant self-parody, and her energy policy beats both candidates. Hearing her get all wonky about energy policy, now that's "hot" indeed.


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