August 18, 2008

McCain, full of it, decides to make it up, ala Saint Ronnie

Instead of actually answering the question of what being a Christian means to him, McCain instead threw out something about being "saved" and then launched into a sappy made-for-TV yarn about a guard tracing a cross in the dirt during McCain's imprisonment in Vietnam.

Except he used to tell it as happening to someone else. And the entire thing is lifted from and Alexander Solzhenitsyn novel.

The entire event at which this occured, some sort of summit on faith at Brokeback Mountain Church, or Saddleback or something, headed by pop-preacher Rick Warren, was a sham from the get-go.

First of all, Warren had billed this as an historic moment when the two candidates appeared together for the first time, and announced his intention of avoiding the classic "hot button" issues and "gotcha" questions, instead focusing on issues of concern for all those of faith, AIDS, global warming, and poverty.

Instead he asked no questions about AIDS, no questions about global warming or the environment, and DID ask loaded questions about abortion, and Supreme Court justices.

First of all, it should sicken any American to realize that we've come to a point where any candidate for the presidency (or any elected office, for that matter.) has to go before the public and proclaim just how big a Christian he is and pass a quiz on whether he can say the right words to prove it.

Secondly, the questions were loaded questions transparently designed to favor McCain, as when they were asked about there being too much partisanship in D.C. and what instances they could cite where they bucked their own party to do what was best. The entire thing could have been written by McCain, as it polished his dubious reputation as a "maverick" (voting with Bush over 90% of the time.)

Then an even stupider questions on whether "evil" is real and exists, and (get this), the candidate would, "ignore it, negotiate with it, confront it, or defeat it."

That's not a serious question folks. I'm sorry.

Obama, to his credit, pointed out that there's evil done all over, including in our cities and everywhere else, avoiding the trap of going for comic-book attempts to paint entire nations or religions as "evil" that much be destroyed.

Obama stuck to reality.

Not McCain. "DEFEAT IT!" he instantly said to the squeals of delight from the simple-minded in the audience. Then went on to make his usual belicose John Wayne act saying that he'd, "go to the gates of hell" to bring down bin Laden, yada, yada, yada.

That got the audience all revved up too. Simple comic book notions, John Wayne movie dialogue to sooth their fear that the world may actually be changing and that they just MIGHT have to adjust their thinking to deal with it. McCain is great at assuring them that nothing's changed, and he's a super hero minus the tights.

An absurd display.

There's more, but I can barely stomach it all, as when he started whining about government spending being the problem, (NOT of course, the trillions of dollars of tax revenue given away to the very wealthy, and NOT the billions spent every week in Iraq.) It's congress "squandering our children's future" by spending millions to study bear DNA. (Hey Americans! Look over there!)

The idea that anyone could suggest, while pledging to never raise taxes on anyone, that we can somehow continue to spend hundreds of billions, even trillions of dollars on military boondoggles around the globe, while doing NOTHING to raise revenues or expect sacrifice from the very wealthiest in our country, is not only stupid and reckless, it's simply dangerous. A recipe for disaster.

We've seen how it's worked. We've tried it for 8 long years. And there's people sitting there cheering for more??

This campaign is so insane that it's difficult to try to grasp. It's tough to write about because there's so many hundreds of examples and statements and stupid appeals to people's STUPIDITY and shallowness and insecurity, that it both makes my head hurt and makes me despair that Americans even deserve to avoid going down the tubes.

As long as people sit, fat, dumb, ignorant, uninformed, close-minded, paranoid, afraid, and clinging to some warped idea that America is God's favorite country, and therefore can't fail, can't lose, and will never suffer a serious economic crisis, then we're going to get more of the same.

More of the same snake oil, put out by frauds and liars, in order to ensure that the gates of the treausury remain wide open to those who've paid admission, and that all the rules are written by, and for, those who already have great power and wealth.

And if we're too stupid to realize that, then we deserve whatever we get.


At 8/20/2008 8:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So now religion matters?

At 8/20/2008 12:33 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

I don't know.. does it?

You tell me.

It matters to those who rely on others to do their thinking for them, and to those people who choose to think a guy who tells them he's going to "defeat" "evil" is really quite the guy to be president.

Of course, the very idea of anyone saying they'd defeat evil is ridiculous.

After all, why doesn't God, the all-powerful, go ahead and defeat it?

I think it's because without the fable of good vs. evil (and of course, the US and it's billions of military hardware is ALWAYS the "good" and whomever our leaders tell us is "evil" is always evil) but without that fable of good vs. evil, casting us as good and fill-in-the-blank as evil, then the game's over.

No more dupes, no more cash, no more support for corporate wars waged under the lie of "defeating evil".

That's the biggest bunch of crap ever sold, and anyone with an ounce of sense knows it.

But yes, religion matters if in the year 2008, we're going to choose our leaders based on whether they believe in a bunch of made up horseshit and agree to keep the game going.

And it's a travesty to witness candidates for president forced to sit there and bullshit about how deeply Christian they are. That should have absolutely NOTHING to do with their fitness for office.

If there's evil, it's people like bazillionaire preachers and John McCain that peddle such horse shit to the rubes in order to gain power.

At 8/20/2008 3:43 PM, Blogger Craig said...

Hey Dope,

It has been a long time. I wanted to let you know I will be blogging for my school from the convention next week. Here is the address

It is nice to see that the right wingers still love to pick on you. Thanks.

At 8/20/2008 8:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, you are criticizing Rick Warren (bazillionaire preacher) - the man who is taking on AIDS every bit as much, likely more than Bono?

I'd say you better think twice about that.

And for McCain talking about defeating evil - he was talking about terrorists. This was not, or should not have been too tough for you to figure out. xmvnh

At 8/20/2008 8:21 PM, Anonymous Todd Smith said...

Between Senator John McCain and Senator Obama, I’m supporting the old soldier and war hero. Here’s why?

Senator Barack Obama is a high-ranking government official, elected by the people of Illinois, the Land of Lincoln. Senator Obama swore to represent the citizens and uphold the ideals of his home state when he took office. Senator Obama failed to do his fundamental duties when he was confronted by a persuasive and influential bigot in his place of worship.

For 20 years, Senator Obama had the authority and opportunity to confront Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s racist antics. And Senator Obama did little or nothing to stop Jeremiah Wright’s outrageous sermons and lies about the US government. The government that Senator Obama committed to protect and serve. Senator Obama’s inaction allowed Jeremiah Wright to continue on and on spewing divisive messages and lies for years uninterrupted.

When Senator Obama’s judgment was put to the test, Senator Obama simply failed to uphold the principles of his home state. Senator Obama failed to represent his constituents in a big way.

To make matters worse, Senator Obama showed his highest respect and regard for Jeremiah Wright by immortalizing his twisted mentor in his writings and bestselling book. Senator Obama’s audacity is unbelievable!

Senator Obama showed no courage, no backbone, to stand up to a bully in a pulpit. And now he wants to bring the same weak leadership to the White House as president and as Commander-in-Chief of the US Armed Forces. Shame on Senator Barack Obama!

If Senator Obama appears to be a perfect candidate, it is simply because he has not done much He has not taken meaningful stance on many important issues. He claims voting against the Iraq war as a sound accomplishment. Senator Obama simply lived up to his extreme, left-wing, anti-any-conflict sentiments. How convenient. Senator Obama could not stop Reverend Jeremiah how could he possibly go up against Osama or Saddam Hussein?

At 8/22/2008 12:37 AM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...


GREAT news... way to go. Blogging from the convention is very cool indeed, and thanks for mentioning it.

I hope readers will take a look over the next week and see what Denver looks like from your perspective.

(and I gotta admit... I'm VERY jealous.)

At 8/22/2008 12:40 AM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Anon 8:14 PM.

Just why should I "think twice" about taking on Rick Warren for
A. being misleading in what he said this forum would be about and the issues it would cover, and

B. Asking questions which were blatantly tailored to highlight McCain's appeal to religious types?

And why should I "think twice" about questioning where he stands on political issues in light of his multi-millionaire status and how he's going to obviously try to help the guy who will continue to keep the gravy train rolling?

That said, Warren is a step in the right direction from the out-and-out chaletans and creeps of the last generation of mega-preachers, such as Falwell, Swagart (how come no one talks about him anymore?) and Robertson, or even the fruitcake Dobson. (who advocates beating your kids)

At least Warren, as you mention, is turning focus towards issues which actually matter from a Christian perspective, such as AIDS, poverty, environmental destruction, and de-emphasizing the meaningless hot button diversionary issues like gays, and abortion.

As to McCain's knee-jerk and frankly, stupid response to the evil question, I guess you could say he was referring to terrorism.

But why?

That's not what he said. It wasn't in the question. Why do you automatically respond that it was referring to terrorism?

Are you that well programed in the evil=terrorism propaganda?

Sure, terrorists commit evil acts, if you want to call it that. If anything's evil, slaughtering innocent people certainly fits the bill.

But that means that carpet bombing German cities during WWII, slaughtering thousands of innocent civilians, often by roasting them alive in fire bomb attacks, was evil too, no?

As Obama mentioned, evil is not limited to foreigners and those we're told are our sworn enemies.

If you swallow that, you're not using your own mind that God gave you.

Evil is in our cities, in our government, and in the actions it takes in our name as well.

So when McCain says he would "defeat" evil, something which apparently even God himself can't or won't do, then why assume he meant terrorism?

But let's say he meant terrorism.

Please explain just how we "defeat" what is, after all, simply a tactic?

And how will we know when we've achieved the "victory" that McCain foolishly promises?

I'd really like an answer, because it seems to show that the entire premise of "evil" and defeating it is nothing but childish drivel.

At 8/22/2008 12:46 AM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Todd Smith.

There, I published your cut and pasted and incredibly feeble attempt at reasoning. Be sure to inform the McCain campaign so you can earn points towards valuable prizes. (Actually a true thing. If you cut and paste crap and post it on blogs, you get to earn prizes from the McCain campaign.)

Secondly, as a citizen of Illinois, and safely assuming that I speak for all Illinoisans, I KNOW that Obama's supposed failure to somehow tell his own preacher, the head of a congregation of thousands, what he could and could not say, has not, is not, and will not have even the slightest affect on the quality of his representation of us as residents of the state of Illinois.

To put it more simply, to expect Obama to somehow muzzle his preacher, even when he wasn't in church to hear some of what was said, is a stupid and ridiculous notion.

And to suggest that Obama somehow failed his constituents by not doing so is.. frankly, stupid.

Stupidity is always annoying, but in this case, it's dangerous.

Considering the true peril and that our country stands at a historic crossroads where our choices will affect whether we thrive into the future or descend into something not recognizable as the America we know, for ANYONE to base their choice of leader on such a blatantly trivial, blown up, inflated bunch of non-sense is the height of irresponsibility.

Just listen to yourself:

"Senator Obama could not stop Reverend Jeremiah how could he possibly go up against Osama or Saddam Hussein?"

That is a REALLY lame argument, even if it made sense.

And as long as we're indulging in dumb-ass arguments, how could McCain stand up to terrorists if he couldn't even stand up to Rev. Hagee and Rev. Parsley?

Geeze, it makes me feel idiotic to even make such a stupid argument. How do you manage to do it?

I know. You simply don't stop and think about what you're saying, and the only thing that matters to you is if some right winger said it and it SEEMS to make sense. That's gotta be it.

Enjoy that McCain keychain.

At 8/22/2008 7:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obama could have done exactly what Oprah did - walk out of Wright's church.

Great job, Todd Smith!

At 8/24/2008 6:04 AM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

You asshats just make it up, don't you? And you're too ignorant to realize it's not true.

Oprah walking out of Wright's church? That's a good one.

She was never a member and I'm not sure if she ever attended Wright's church.

You guys can rub your thighs and get all sweaty about Wright all you want, but in the end, people realize bullshit when the hear it.

And your pathetically lame attempts at banging on the idea that Obama should have told his preacher what to say or do, even if Obama strongly disagreed with him, is plain stupid.

Grow UP, for God's sake.

At 9/22/2008 5:00 PM, Anonymous Thomas W said...

It's McCain who is making it up, as he goes along.. or, just "making stuff up".
Jesus, save us.

At a time like this, when we need sharp & accurate handling of an entirely unprecedented economic situation -- thanks Mr Paulson --

We don't need the "Arizona blunderbuss", demonstrating his crash-landing skills on our economy.

Thanks but no, McCain. Butt out. Henry Paulson is the man on watch, and he needs our support.. Obama understands this.

You can crash-land a plane but not, the economy.

At 9/23/2008 1:32 AM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Thomas, great comment. "Arizona blunderbus"... ha!! That's a gem!

I think George Will, of all people said it well when he said that McCain, "substitutes vehemence for coherence".


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