December 2, 2008

David Gregory to host Meet the Press

NBC is set to announce that David Gregory is being named as the replacement for Tim Russert on Meet the Press, the longest running show on TV.

They obviously had to name someone soon, as it was clear by last Sunday's show that Brokaw had just stopped caring, complete with having his close friend and neighbor in Montana (hell, he's everyone's neighbor, he owns half the state) Ted Turner warbling a verse of "Home on the Range".

Gregory is fine, but judging from the show he's hosted for the past few months, which was initially called "Race for the White House", and re-named "1600 Pennsylvania Avenue" after the race was over, Gregory will leave a lot to be desired.

Gregory is certainly a safe choice, as he seems to have the establishment "don't rock the boat too much" angle down. He's a likable guy, and does well, but I'm not sure this move is going to make Meet the Press any more exciting, and it may well be a little duller than under Russert.

While I'm a bit disappointed in this choice, it certainly could have been worse, and to be honest, no one comes to mind who would be appreciably better.

Gregory certainly has some big shoes and enormous expectations to fill. News junkies can only hope that he'll rise to the occasion.

At least he can bust a move on occasion.

Any thoughts on this move?


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