November 24, 2008

Hillary of State?

Well, the poor press, left with nothing to go on but scraps and so much air to fill, have been beating stories and rumors to death and taking their reading of tea leaves and gossip and imagined machiavellian machinations to a new high in lows. They've talked and pondered and ruminated so much on the "will she, or won't she" game regarding Hillary Clinton's purportedly upcoming appointment as Secretary of State that it's almost painful to think about.

(a main reason I haven't posted much lately. It's all being done to death in the press and I don't figure people want to hear even more of it.)

It is an important choice of course, and along with Treasury Secretary, arguably the most important pick Obama will make.

So I'll throw it out there for your views on the matter.

Me? I'm against it. Why? Just have a bad feeling about it all.

Any time a president elect has to engage in endless negotiations, for God's sake, with someone as to whether they'll serve in the cabinet, maybe it's not a good idea.

And I just don't know if Hillary could serve in that position without sucumbing to the seemingly insatiable drive to make it more about her than Obama's policies, not to mention that along with Bill, they might practically try to run a shadow government on foriegn policy, no matter how much they swear they won't. They'll start thinking they're back where they truly thought they'd be, if it wasn't for that uppity Obama.

Add to that her all but certain permanent campaign for 2012 or 2019, and I foresee ickiness.

I just don't trust her. "Team of Rivals" theory notwithstanding, I don't see her carrying anyone else's brief, much less someone who soundly beat her for the office she obviously thought she had a God-given right to win.

Too much bad ju-ju with the Clintons. Double un-good.

Some say she could do more damage to Obama were she to remain in the Senate, and regard this as a prudent move for Obama.

What do you think?

Is bringing in the magical traveling Clinton circus into the Obama administration a good move, all things considered? Or not so much?


At 11/28/2008 8:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder why nobody is commenting in this wasteland?

At 11/28/2008 9:47 AM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

At least you are, pindick. Several times a day even. You must find it quite interesting.

I wish more people would comment too, but then again, with dim bulbs like you leaving these gems regularly, how could I expect anyone with actual intelligence to comment?

If I wanted to drive up comments, I could do it in 30 seconds. But they'd all be idiotic rants by the likes of you. Who needs that crap?

I've certainly had enough of that depressingly stupid crap.

But your freakishly intense concern about this blog is truly touching.

But I can't figure out why you care more about it than I do.

Or is it that you're just some asshole who visits several times a day and gets their jollys taking potshots?

I'm sure that's close.

It drives you nuts that I'm still going strong, doesn't it?

That pleases me.

It's just lucky people don't know who you are yet.

They'd be appalled. (At least those who haven't already figured it out.)

At 11/29/2008 10:53 PM, Blogger tiz said...

All trip to Bosina jokes aside, I don't think she's a bad pick at all for SecState. Do I think she's the *best* pick? No - but Joe Biden already has a job in this administration.

Politically it's a win-win. Obama obviously ties her fate with his. No need to worry about needing to put her stamp on things like healthcare from the senate and any criticism from her won't be out in the open (and it'll seem petty). President Obama will possibly make a few new friends in the Senate who won't have to worry now about choosing who to let Hillary leapfrog for leadership positions. Were she to stay in the Senate she would certainly deserve a bigger role and it would have most likely been at the expense of a more tenured dem.

Offering SecState to Hillary is a political lifeline for her. If/when the GOP gets back to nominating governors (like Romney, Huckabee, Jindal or that idiot from Alaska) a senate career will go back to being cancerous. Hillary needs to get out of the Senate if she wants a shot at POTUS in 2016. The only other route involves Gov of NY in two years but she might have had a primary fight with Patterson and Andrew Cuomo that is far from a certain victory for her. Biden will be 74 in 2016 and I don't think will want to run again. SecState makes Hillary the heir apparent for the nomination in 2016 (for real this time :) ).

At 11/30/2008 5:27 AM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Interesting points... a few angles there that I'd not considered.

But I'm still nervous. ha!


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