November 21, 2008

American Idiot

Just when you thought Sarah Palin or someone around her would have gotten hip to the fact that she's making an utter fool out of herself with alarming regularity and staying on stage far past the time someone should have gotten out the hook, she reappears like a long lost girlfriend you'd thought you'd dodged for good.

After you get over the idiotic staging and slaughter in the background (gotta love the way the turkey guy keeps turning and looking right into the camera.), just TRY to figure out what the hell she's saying.

For example, listen to her answer on what her plans for the state are. Pure unadulterated gibberish in one long run-on sentence without end, and after all those words thrown together in no apparent order, she's said essentially nothing.

When asked what plans she had for Alaska, she was obviously completely taken off guard by a question that actually had to do with doing her job.

During her answer, Palin actually said, after some blather about "building the budget" while cutting the size of government, and hitting a dead end on the "plans" area, said, "... plans like that that have to do with governing this state and building this team which is continually being built.."

There ya go. As Chief Wiggums on The Simpsons might say, "That's some real fine governin'.

She also mentioned that it was "brutal" on the campign trail as the turkey was snuffed behind her. And later, a reporter asked what things might be on the "chopping block" in the state budget.

But at least it was "fun".

By the way, Palin was asked if she wanted to get a different shot that didn't show the slaughter, and reportedly replied, "No worries." No. The woman is so blissfully ignorant and full of delusions of grandeur that she saw no reason to avoid sharing turkey death spasms and blood troughs with kids and people everywhere on the eve of Thanksgiving.

The woman isn't bright enough to be mayor of Wassila. As a matter of fact, if any local mayor spouted such ridiculous phoney blather, I think people would question their fitness for office.

Here's the clip. Nothing has been blurred to spare delicate consitutions... so be warned. It's not too terribly graphic, but it is disturbing if you're one who doesn't like to see something that goes on millions of times a day to bring food to your table.

"brutal" indeed.

By the way, I think the guy bleeding out the turkeys in the background is more deserving of attention than Joe the Plumber ever was. Get THAT guy a book contract.

He's obviously more deserving of attention than a non-plumber who lied through his teeth to bait Obama, never intended to buy his boss's business, and is so massively ignorant that he didn't realize that both he AND his boss will have their taxes cut under Obama's plan.

The grinning blood spattered guy behind Palin is 100 times more "real" than Joe the Dumber ever could be, and probably twice as intelligent.

Where's HIS book contract and all the interviews? Why aren't conservative know-nothings chasing him down to ask his opinions on world affairs like they did to the lumox Joe. (As if he weren't a phoney enough, Joe isn't even his first name.)

I don't mind about all the bizarro-world freak show that is Palin and Co. I find it entertaining in a rather disturbing way.

But what really is disturbing is that some people STILL think she's the future of the Republican party. And nearly all pundits have seemingly arrived at some secret pact to pretend that Palin is something other than a nattering buffoon, even though it's plain as day.

I hope we get to see more of her. It's like watching the contestants that didn't make it on American Idol.


At 11/22/2008 8:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Three minutes and nine seconds of verbal diarrhea. The Nation made a good choice.

I learned more from watching the birds get whacked than from hearing her speak, so my time was not a total waste.

At 11/22/2008 8:44 AM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

I wanted to post a transcript of that interview with the hokey mom, but I couldn't stand transcribing it myself. Listening to Palin actually makes you dumber.

If I get to it, I'd like to gather some of her statements. Believe it or not, without the high pitched cutesy-wootsy bizarre inflections and winks and shrugs and gee-wiz, stick a finger in a dimple and bat your eyes baloney that she thinks passes for charm, reading her words in print is a real experience.

It's a test of anyone's ability to tease out some sort of sense from a string of gobbledegook that apparently, Palin thinks is great political speech.

I think she's abusing the interest in her to try to practice up on talkin' to them press fellers there and learnin' to sound inteligent and also get those gosh darn talking points in there also there.


At 11/22/2008 11:45 AM, Anonymous No Nonsense said...

"nattering buffoon" LMAO. I am also baffled that there are some who thinks she is the future of the GOP....scary! I can't get over the fact that she was also sipping coffee while turkeys are being slaughtered within a few feet of her. Good God

At 11/22/2008 10:31 PM, Anonymous sueshedap;puhleezzz said...

It's her lack of respect for the viewers, the turkeys and the dopey slaughter-guy that gives me pause....I hear she considers herself religious....where in any 'scriptures" is this considered a good thing?

At 11/23/2008 3:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

She's what, like, 40? I know that I have learned very little since I turned 40. What you see is what you're gonna get. Now and in 2012, 2016, whatever. Is this the best the GOP has? They're done.

At 11/23/2008 10:11 PM, Blogger UMRBlog said...

They think she's the future of the GOP because they don't see any alternative.

Scavenger Hunt.

BTW, good interpostion "Hokey" Mom.

Continued Success.

At 11/26/2008 7:38 PM, Anonymous nooncat said...

"I hope we get to see more of her. It's like watching the contestants that didn't make it on American Idol."

IOW, Gov. Palin is the William Hong of U.S. politics. Sounds about right to me.

At 11/28/2008 9:48 AM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

That's William Hung, by the way. A true American talent.


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