July 23, 2008

Tree vs. cars redux

Here's a few more shots of the mangled cars at the apartment house off 60th street in Moline after a tree crew had begun uncovering them.

Shots from just after it happened are found a couple posts under this here.

Remember, click on the pictures to see them better.

This little red truck got considerably little-er.

The tree shoved these two cars together and mashed 'em up good. Two really nice cars too. A fairly rare supercharged Buick Riviera in nice shape, and a shiny Acura 3.5 RL. What a shame. Ouch!

One resident I spoke to owned a brand new 2008 Scion sedan which was parked to the right of the Acura and suffered a couple dents and a broken window. He was taking it remarkably well though, for having a tree fall on his brand new car. When I mentioned this, he looked on the bright side, at least his car was still drivable and able to be repaired, not totaled like the others.

The Acura's insurance adjuster (peeking in the passenger door) was there to inspect the car after it was uncovered. The 20-something guy who owned it was there too, looking understandably traumatized. About the only thing he could salvage was a little GPS unit holder that stuck on the dash. But at least his insurance guy was quick to assess the damage. Now how long until the check arrives?

This is (or was) a Honda. That's about all I could tell. Looks like they won't have to bother sending this one through the machine that flattens scrap cars.

This was what it looked like driving down 60th street to John Deere Road shortly after the storm. It was fairly typical of a lot of roads with trees and power lines fallen into the roadway and debris everywhere.

Share your stories and what damage you saw or experienced.


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