August 22, 2008

Obamas to choose Joe Biden as running mate

Dateline: Friday Aug. 22 8:47 P.M.

A well-placed source inside the Obama campaign revealed to The Inside Dope this evening that Obama has chosen Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware to be his vice presidential candidate. I'm glad they heeded my advice. (cough)

Expect that text message confirming this tomorrow morning.

I'm very pleased and think Biden will be a great asset for Obama, bringing a huge wealth of foreign policy experience and expertise as well as a folksy confidence and fearlessness when it comes to actual straight talk.

It's hoped that Biden will also be effective at breathing some rightous fire back at the McCain camp in response to their often ludicrous and dishonest attacks.

You go Joe!

And you heard it here first. (unless you heard it somewhere else.)


At 8/23/2008 1:51 AM, Blogger tiz said...

I think this is a good pick. Now Joe needs to quit his Senate campaign and get to work. I really hope he doesn't pull a Lieberman.

At 8/23/2008 2:29 AM, Anonymous nooncat said...

Confirmed by the Associated Press. The Gaffe Patrol at CNN is already trotting out his spurious comments present and past. Stay tooned.

At 8/23/2008 6:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a conservative, I LOVE the Biden pick.

It does little to appease the Clinton supporters and he is so smug, so obnoxious, that it will do little to win Independants.

I do agree that it certainly helps Obama in the Foreign Affairs/ National Security realm - something that shows that Obama is extremely concerned about his falling and problematic poll numbers.

Biden is NOT who Obama would have chosen a month ago when he (thought he) was flying high, as Biden is not a CHANGE guy.

Obama's problem was the only option that helped him was an impossible choice, Hillary. No other choice does much.

At 8/24/2008 5:47 AM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Tiz, is it even possible for anyone other than former vice presidential prick Lieberman to pull a Lieberman?

Say what you may about Biden, but he couldn't possibly be half the schmuck Lieberman is. It takes a special kind of person to pull it off.

At 8/24/2008 5:48 AM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...


As a conservative, thank you for doing such a bang up job of aping the talking points your betters have come up with. Way to mindlessly adopt their conventional wisdom!


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