October 8, 2006

Republicans spending nearly 200 grand on ad appealing to right wing troglodytes

You may have already seen it. The latest Whalen farce of a political ad attempting to label Democratic opponent Bruce Braley as a communist who wants to both disband our military and kiss and make up with the Taliban.

It's absolutely scummy, disgusting, insulting to anyone's intelliegence, and plain stupid.

The National Republican Congressional Committee has some kids sitting around getting paid to dig up minor stuff that they can absolutely distort to the point of lying.

They find some group who approves of Braley and tries to smear him because a supposed leader of the group supposedly advocates negotiating with the Taliban.

The group catagorically denies that's true.

Then they tie Braley to a group who they say wants to cut billions from the military.

OK, but they don't mention that the figure is probably a fraction of the military budget. Nor do they mention, as the group does, that what they advocate is a rational cut-back in hugely expensive weapons systems specifically designed for cold war era conflicts.

Then the kicker is that the ad says Braley has been called a (HORRORS!) "Peace Candidate" by the Communist Party.

Wow. Someone for peace?? Say it' ain't so!!!!

As if that isn't pathetic enough, and as a child could figure out, just because Braley happens to be on a long list of candidate that the Communist Party prefers doesn't exactly mean Braley is a damn communist any more than would a nursing association favoring him over Whalen make him a nurse!

These things, the ad says, makes Braley a "ultra-liberal" and out of touch with Iowa.
(they didn't label him a "hybrid-socialist", Jim Mowen's pet word, but then again, I guess communist will do.)

Republicans, relying on the idiot vote now more than ever.

But judging from some of the responses to the QC Times piece about the ad, there are no shortage of clearly delusional clods who are still living in fear of a commie takeover. But be careful, reading some of the comments there will actually make you dumber.

Take a gander and leave your remarks here. See any good ones? What's your pick for The "Most Warped Misinformed Gullible Paranoid Fruitcake Award"?


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