October 6, 2006

Heck of a job, Bushie, and more YouTube-a-rama

Is it "protect" the country, or wreck the country? Because he's doing a "heck of a job" on the latter.

And number two on our YouTube hit parade...
Fox labels Foley as a Dem.

And remember the infamous Blago appearance on The Daily Show? The one where he apparently wasn't in on the joke? A "correspondent" from the Daily Show does a piece on pharmacists refusing to dispense morning after pills.
Just came across it and you can watch it here. (The whole piece is funny, and the bit with Blago is wild. You probably won't see another interview where the interviewer implies that Blago is gay to his face.)

And last, but certainly not least, Keith Olberman has apparently had about enough of irresponsible. divisive, fear mongering crap spewed with shamelessly by Republicans and the administration for the past several years. I think he's getting kind of pissed.
Keith takes a rhetorical sledgehammer to the lastest Bush bully tactic, and flays him for his lies, exposing just how loathsome it is to have a president who refuses to even contemplate that he may be wrong, let alone do something about it.

Olberman's greatest service is simply REMINDING us of what our government is supposed to be about, what it used to be like. It's been assaulted and chipped away at for so long by this administration and their sock puppets that it's beginning to be vital that all Americans have enough perspective to look back and realize that our cherished and unique rights and values which had stood the test of time until the Bush administration, are literally under attack.

It's long, but worth a listen. Watch it here.

And if you need a little comic relief after that, our Kazakhstani friend Borat provides a guide to American politics. Very enlightening and highly recommended.

Borat also addresses an Arizona Republican gathering but doesn't go over so well.


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