October 7, 2006

Any way you slice it, things look grim in Republicanville

A reader recently took a TIME magazine poll mentioned in a post below to task for having sampled eligible voters rather than likely voters, apparently as a way to diminish the strong anti-Bush sentiment it showed. (I felt it didn't make THAT big a difference)

The results of a spanking new AP/Ipsos poll which breaks out both registered voters as well as likely voters shows the difference is negligible. People are in a very uncharitable mood towards Republicans up and down the ticket.

Some figures from the poll of likely voters only show:

A staggering 58 percent disapprove of the job Bush is doing, compared to 39 approval. A full 45 percent say they "strongly disapprove".

On the foreign policy and the so-called war on terror, the split is 56 percent disapproval to 43 percent approval.

And on Iraq, the "wartime preznit" earns a whopping 61 percent disapproval vs. 37 who approve.

On the question of, who they'd be more likely to vote for in their congressional district, likely voters preferred the Dem candidate 51 to 41 percent compared to 53 to 39 when asked about a month ago.

Respondents were asked regardless of who they vote for, who would they like to see win control of congress. The poll shows that likely voters preferred Dems 53 to 36, slightly higher than the previous poll.

A look at the breakout of this poll shows that the difference between eligible voters and likely voters is negligible.

Any way you cut it, the right is in, as Bush Daddy famously said, deep doo-doo.


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