October 7, 2006

Signs of life in Moline government

I've been meaning to put something up to commend the city of Moline on what appears to be a real effort to focus on street repair and other infrastructure repair and improvements.

I have no facts or figures to back this up, just that after years and years of near total neglect where the streets in several sections of town were simply left to fall apart, it appears that there's been a real effort to fix or repave the worst sections of road and identify problem areas and fix them.

Another area where the city has really made an effort and done well is their public outreach effort both online and on the cable public access channel.

The city has set up a website which has continually expanded and improved over the past year or so. It's well designed and fairly easy to navigate and find what you need, which is the goal of any site, and not only that, but they provide a vast amount of information and answers as well as allowing online payment of water bills (very handy)

Someone is also managing announcements and informative videos which are broadcast on Mediacom's public access channel. Not exactly riveting TV, but another good source of information and a way for the city to really improve their response to residents as well as keep them informed.

Someone's doing a good job in the PR department.

And by the way, does anyone know what became of those cool huge plexiglass bubble things which were such a unique feature of the old 41st street branch library? One day the building was there, and the next time I went by, it had vanished. Kind of sad.

With a bit of creativity and imagination, those giant plastic domes could be put to some cool use. They'd make awesome skylights, a backyard fish pond, an ultra cool kid's "fort" or space station, or ??? I hope someone salvaged them and put them to use.


At 10/09/2006 9:27 PM, Blogger Peter "Francesco" said...

I just wanted to say that I have come to this blog on many occasions, and I love what you are saying.

My family is actually moving away from Moline to Chicago, and bringing up the plexi-glass story about the Southeast Branch of the library really hit me on a soft spot about how badly I will miss my hometown.

Keep it up.


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