July 8, 2006

Local Drinking Liberally group is off the ground and wheels up

The first gathering of the Illinois Quad City chapter of the national group "Drinking Liberally" was an encouraging success attracting several people of all ages.

The group agreed to meet on the first and third Friday of each month at Jack's Place, 425 15th Street in downtown Moline initially, and go from there. Meetings can be increased or moved as circumstances change.

To keep up to date on the next scheduled get-together, stay informed by joining the group's e-mail list, discuss things on the chapter's forum or to contact organizers Andy or Amanda, go to the local group's page here.

For future reference, I've added the DL button to the sidebar. Clicking on it will take you to the page linked above.

Don't be left out! Come on down to the next meeting, enjoy a beverage (or two), meet other people who share an interest in non-conservative politics, shoot the breeze and have a good time.

The more the merrier!


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