July 4, 2006

More shots from East Moline Parade

Here's some more shots from the 4th of July Parade through beautiful, depressed, downtown East Moline. (I finally tricked Blogger into letting me put them up.)

The Huff truck resembled a police vehicle, no surprise.

The Vicki Wright SUV had a great stars-n-stripes paint job.

That rounds out the candidate entries that I caught.

Personally, when it comes to catchy campaign vehicles, I think Kinky Friedman has them all beat hands down. A custom Viper, (and another closer shot), a four wheel drive, and the grandaddy of them all, this Texas sized stretch Caddy with a vista on the side, pulling the Kinkabago. (and of course, huge longhorns mounted on the roof)

This gentleman was an entry of one.
He was advocating justice for immigrants.
Note to conservatives: Isn't it high time we had a constitutional amendment banning flag socks? Get on that, would you? Surely there's no more important problem facing our great nation. History will judge you kindly for addressing this burning (and itching) issue. (and while you're at it, throw in something that makes wearing socks with sandals a felony. Thanks.)

Now here's a come on that would be irresistible to any grade schooler.

Miniature motocrossers

You don't see a souped up Corvair every day.
Cool looking car.

And before any nitwits start yammering about slighting this candidate or that, I've explained that I arrived late. I tried to get down as close to the end as possible to catch as much as I could. The Republican party entry was the first political entry I caught and I've included every political entry from that point on. If anyone was ahead of that, I missed it.


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