April 13, 2005

New Moline board holds first meeting behind closed doors.

The Moline school board held it's first meeting with two new members and choose a new assistant superintendent.

Following lengthy deliberations behind closed doors, school board members voted Monday to hire David McDermott as the district's next assistant superintendent and chief financial officer. Mr. McDermott is now the Illinois State Board of Education's senior budget analyst and division administrator.

Four of the seven board members approved bumping up Wilson Middle School's assistant principal, Robert Benson, to the position of principal. Board members Julie Wilson and Ruth Ann O'Brien voted against the promotion, but did not say why.
Like the old Charlie Rich song said, "Because no one knows what goes on behind closed doors."

Other matters discussed included approving new math programs for MHS, canvassing the results of the recent election, and recognizing Lynn Friesth, who was serving the last night of his term, for his service to the district.


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