April 12, 2005

Desperation Legislation

From the "Desperation Legislation" files:

Ever wonder how long it's been since that bedspread and blanket in your hotel room was washed? [ed. note: No.]

Sate [sic] Rep. Kevin Joyce wants to help you sleep a little easier.

The Chicago Democrat is proposing legislation that would require Illinois hotels, motels and other places of public lodging to post in each guest room the last time blankets, sheets and other bed linens were changed.

Joyce wants to require Motel/Hotel owners to post a schedule on the inside of the door which states when the bedding was last washed.

As sources in the article point out, this is a totally needless requirement. But as we know, some politicians are genetically incapable of restraining their urge to get their name on a bill, no matter how goofy. It's more important to them to get some publicity than for the bill to actually be, say, rational or actually needed.

No one's ever gotten ill from hotel or motel sheets (or at least reported it) and there is no way to prevent unscrupulous motel owners from simply falsifying the "sheet sheet", so to speak.

So just to satisfy this guy's need for publicity, his measure would subject all hotel/motel owners to another unecessary hassle and expense while providing no real benefit to anyone.

If the motel owner were honest with his laundry records, they'd probably have to change bedding needlessly in rooms where there hadn't been any guests for a while in order to prevent paranoid travellers from requesting new bedding if the chart reported that the bedding hadn't been cleaned for say, a week. And of course, the measure would no doubt prompt the majority of owners to simply list the bedding as recently washed even if it wasn't. After all, if not for this silly measure, no one would be able to tell anyway.

The only comfort in these types of stories is that the measures usually don't pass.

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At 4/12/2005 9:04 AM, Anonymous puzzler said...

Like Mike Boland's current legislation to make it a crime to impersonate a firefighter? All because of a single incident where the imposters were immediately exposed because of safeguards already in place.

At 4/12/2005 10:53 AM, Anonymous Mike Young said...

Which is it, Jones or Joyce? How about a correction, Ms. Judgmental Dope?

At 4/12/2005 1:40 PM, Anonymous Blue State said...

The bill sponsor is State Rep. Kevin Joyce, the young legislator who replaced former State Rep. Tom Dart in that South Suburban Chicago-area House seat.

And I don't think this is such a terrible idea. After all, isn't "cleanliness next to Godliness"?

At 4/12/2005 2:37 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

I regret that I made a typo and named Joyce as "Jones" once in the above post. It's been corrected.

This of course, prompted a bunch of
jerk-offs (or more likely one ass hat posting multiple times) to suggest that the entire blog was just horrible.

So much for allowing anonymous posts. Back to registered users only.

At 4/12/2005 2:59 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Oh, and Bluestate... Cleanliness is actually next to Silvis.

At 4/12/2005 8:38 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

And Mike Young? I judge you pretty stupid. What does a typo have to do with being judgemental?

At 4/12/2005 9:33 PM, Blogger Dissenter said...

I have now seen two separate, independent studies which came to the same conclusion relative to hotel room cleanliness: the filthiest, most contaminant-infested item in any hotel room is the television remote control. Unlike the toilet seat and the bed sheets, the remote control is not sanitized during daily maid service. Rather, the remote control is handled by guests who have all sorts of germs and fluids on their unclean hands, then simply placed back by the bedside to await the next filthy hotel guest.

I demand legislation! I insist upon a law that requires the hotel to post a placard on the door, informing me of whether the guests before me accessed any of the hotel porno channels and, if so, whether the remote control was thereafter replaced and/or santized. Until then, none of us are safe.

At 4/12/2005 9:53 PM, Blogger Dissenter said...

And lest you think that this Sheet Reform Legislation is some of the dumbest legislation pending, yet another ridiculous bill has just passed the state house. Illinois Representative Michael McAuliffe (R-21) has succeeded in passing through the house his bill to support production and distribution of scratch and sniff cards which smell like cat urine. Why? So that school teachers can smell the scratch and sniff cards and identity aromatic similarities with the odor of methamphetamine. Apparently, merely instructing teachers that methamphetamine smells like cat urine is not sufficient. We must provide them with scratch and sniff cards that smell like cat urine. Full story at http://www.ksdk.com/news/news_article.aspx?storyid=77968

At 4/12/2005 10:26 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

OUTRAGEOUS!! How long are our elected representitives going to allow these dangerous conditions to menace the public?? And what about the CHILDREN???!!!

At 4/13/2005 11:01 AM, Blogger anonymight said...

Running scared again, eh Miss Dope?

At 4/13/2005 11:24 AM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Yeah, that's it. I'm scared to death. Just shaking in my boots.

At 4/16/2005 1:43 PM, Blogger maybesomeday said...

We should have gotten this info to George Carlin so he could have included it in his routine last night!


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