April 19, 2005

Henry Hyde to resign about 8 years too late

81 year old Rep. Henry Hyde, who's "youthful indescretions" when he was in his mid-40's with a married woman causing the break-up of the woman's marriage wasn't enough to prevent him from an almost comically pius performance as head of the house impeachment managers during the appalling Clinton impeachment effort, is finally stepping down. In an announcement on his web site yesterday he said he will not seek another term.

One only wishes he would have gotten out before embarrassing himself with his insanely over-the-top performance during the impeachment effort, in which he plead for the senate to impeach Clinton by imploring them to do it "for the children" and during which he delivered a truly bizarre speech which referred to almost every military conflict in U.S. history and then suggested that if they didn't throw Clinton out, all those thousands of service men and women would have died in vain. "The flag is falling", Hyde actually said.

And all this when he wrecked a marriage while in his fourties by carrying on an affair with a married woman. Thus he insured that out of 17 terms and 32 years in office, he'll be remembered for all time as a rank hypocrite who shamed himself in an effort at a misguided politically motivated coup.

Yep, another "family values" Republican who was so incredibly shocked and concerned with Clinton lying about sex that he was willing to actively push for a constitutional crisis and effectively depose a twice elected president.

He was also a very committed opponent to abortion who was responsible for eliminating federal funding of abortions.

Don't let the door hit you in the backside on your way out, Henry.

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At 4/19/2005 6:09 PM, Blogger maybesomeday said...

Did anyone happen to hear the tape of his speech on the floor of Congress when he was pushing "The Hyde Amendment"?

It was nausiating. I am sure that today, Hyde would never be able to pull that one off with any success. He acted like taking medical options away from poor women on Medicaid was saving them from some kind of evil or something.

Yet, it is always perfectly fine for the wealthy women of our society to have all options at all times available. They are allowed to make their own decisions within the law simply because they have their own money. So it's a two tier society for the female in the US. Who is kidding whom here? What a crock.

I for one am glad to see yet another hypocritical Republican step down. Now if we can stop replacing these guys with more of the same and elect some people with brains, maybe we can get some progress going here.......

At 4/19/2005 6:17 PM, Blogger Milton said...

Mr. youthful indiscretions Henry Hyde by his own admission is an adulterer who led the idiots of the House of Representatives on their stupid attack on President Bill Clinton.

Hydes five-year "youthful indiscretions" with a married mother had the same effect as a splash of George Bush's vomit "youthful indiscretions" from his in the clear pond of childhood memories.

Outrageous tactics are a Hyde standard. The imposing statesman came under scrutiny for his role in the failure of Clyde Federal Savings & Loan, for whom he'd served as a director.

At 4/19/2005 6:19 PM, Blogger maybesomeday said...

Well then, why in the heck did he continue to stay in his office and not get booted out? Are the people in his area that naive??


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