April 17, 2005

Show some respect, people

Via Atrios


Personally, I'm getting a little tired of all this making fun of conservatives. When you think about it, they deserve a lot of respect.

First, they have to believe whatever the Bush administration or lesser congressional-type republicans tells them to believe. Yea sure, I know, that sounds like something any idiot could do, but those beliefs often change from day to day and often end up diametrically opposed to what they were the day before. It takes an incredibly agile mind to constantly change core values and beliefs without ever acknowledging the contradictions.

Next, they have to disbelieve absolutely whatever a certain other class of people believe. This includes democrats, independents, moderates, the educated, the scientists, the French, and just about everyone else in the world.

Then to top it all off, every piece of art or entertainment must conform to the daily beliefs, whatever they are, or it must be boycotted, burned, or banished (not stashed under the mattress, no, no, no).

And finally, they have to disbelieve, and disbelieve passionately, easily observable reality. Those people being tortured, they're not feeling any pain. South Park? Karl Rove couldn't have written it any better.

It's not easy being that fucking stupid. It really takes a lot of work. Show some respect, people.
The list of idiotic and illogical things these poor conservatives have to believe is long.
For instance, the notion that all the increased attacks and killings of our troops in Iraq is really a sign of success, since if they're killing our troops over there, the won't be coming over here and say, attacking Ottumwa, IA.
Or the fact that Bush is a great and convincing speaker. Or that Social Security is on the verge of "going broke", or that there was ever any WMD's in Iraq, or that multi-multi-millionaires need to have the inheratance tax eliminated permanently. If not, many poor families will loose their family farms, businesses, etc. (even though the measure only affects a miniscule fraction of the population with estates worth several million dollars and the fact that the tax revenue lost by repealing the tax would fund up to 3/4 of the future Social Security shortfall) and that the very wealthiest in our country are the ones that are truly in need of help, not us... well, the list goes on and on. Feel free to contribute some more examples of how these poor folks have to somehow believe things that anyone with two eyes and a functioning brain would know to be false.


At 4/17/2005 7:16 PM, Blogger maybesomeday said...

Hey, it's not that big a stretch to think that the conservatives can do all of this and continue to support their ideals. After all the message is always pretty simple and pretty emotional and in the end has little if any substance to it.

Perfect for people who don't want to flex their brain muscle too much. After all the spinmeisters have it down to a science as to how they will spoon feed it to the masses and make it quite noble and believable at the same time.

Where they have failed recently and this may be the chink in their armour - is the Social Security Reform ideas. Wall street can't wait to get the dough but looks like joe public is not really buying into the rhetoric this time.

So maybe there is hope after all.

At 4/18/2005 3:51 AM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

"Bug man" Delay is on the ropes, Bushie's poll numbers at the lowest point of any president at this point in their term, yeah... there are some slight glimmers of hope. But the drums need to be pounded loud and long all the way to 2008 (Man, that seems like a LOOOOOOONG way away. I'm counting the days.)


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