April 10, 2005

Maybe there's hope yet?

Poppy Bush, who knows his son is a disaster waiting to happen, appears to have arranged for him to be tutored by someone who knows what he's doing.

ABOARD AIR FORCE ONE -- President Bush solicited foreign policy advice from former President Bill Clinton at CIA briefings this week and even told Mr. Clinton that he liked his approach to reforming Social Security.
'It was really a lot of fun, Mr. Bush told reporters yesterday after spending three days with Mr. Clinton and former President George Bush in Rome.
'These CIA briefings a lot of time prompt policy discussions,' he added. 'It's interesting to get their points of view about their experiences in particular countries.'
As usual, TBogg has a hilarious take on this here.


At 4/10/2005 8:22 PM, Blogger maybesomeday said...

Bush the elder needs to teach sonny boy about respect for your elders such as Bill Clinton. However, Karl Rove may not give "permission" to W to talk with Bill - after all Bill is a "sinner" you know.

W will likely hear it all second hand from poppy and then I hope that poor little W can fathom what is being presented. Wish I could be a fly on the wall for that converse.


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