September 5, 2008

We're WINNING in Iraq!!!!

.. so says Big Fred Thompson, Lindsey "I'm not gay" Graham, and about every other Republican at the RNC. They also gleefully and childishly crowed about how no one ever used the code word "victory" at the Dem convention. Well, there you go! They want America to fail. Even though there's millions of them and they're all... Americans. Kind of makes no sense at all... but making sense isn't the Republican's first priority. You could be excused for thinking that they AVOID it if at all possible.

It's hard to tell though, what with an average of about 8 deaths PER DAY over there and all.

Imagine someone on the ground in Iraq watching and listening as the buffoons bellow to their gullible rubes about how victory is at hand there. They could be excused for feeling like shooting the TV.

Here's another sign of just how peachy things are going in Iraq. Yep, all is well. Nice to see all the buzz-cut miltary members attending the Republican convention in their dress uniforms as willing props... glad they could make it.


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