September 4, 2008

Colbert defends Palin, Lieberman, Republicans

The Colbert Show last night had me laughing out loud.

A few of his unique observations in the guise of a modern right winger:

In light of Cindy, and now even John McCain's absolutely flat stupid suggestion that the fact that Alaska is near Russia proves Palin has foreign policy experience, Colbert observed that Alaska is also the home of the tallest peak in America, Mt. McKinley.

So, "not only is Alaska the state closest to Russia, it's also the closest to SPACE!" Which means that Palin is obviously an expert on space exploration as well.

Colbert then showed some clips from the RNC, beginning with Fred "Deputy Dawg" Thompson drawling, "Not only was John McCain a trouble-maker, he was the leader of the trouble-makers."

"Great!" said Colbert admiringly, "He's a huge jerk!", and expressed his confidence that McCain will become "Jag-off-in-chief"

He then mentioned McCain's immigration bill, and showed a clip of him during a debate saying he'd vote against his own bill. (the mother of all flip-flops)

Colbert noted that McCain is such a maverick, such a courageous fighter, that he's even willing to stand up to himself!

Then it was on to Joe Lieberman, droning the rhetorical question, "What is a Democrat like me doing at a place like this?"

"Oh! I know! I know that one!" said Colbert excitedly like a kid in class, "Spitting in the face of everyone who voted for me."

He then showed a clip of Lieberman from 2006, made to look as though it were playing on the giant screen behind him at the Republican convention in which Lieberman solemnly, almost religously, as only Joe can do, and at length praised Barack Obama and his abilities and professed his deep belief that Obama possesses greatness. (I'll have to see if I can find it somewhere.)

Colbert noted that of course, that was 2 years ago and Lieberman was sucking up to Obama in order to get re-elected.

"Lieberman often says he crosses party lines. But the only time Lieberman crosses party lines is when he pats himself on the back."

Cleary, Colbert said, the Republicans are trying to cast themselves as the real party of change.

That's true, said Colbert. The Republicans have changed a lot of things.

They changed their rationale for Iraq so many times you can't count them all.

They changed the meaning of words.... like "freedom", "enhanced", and "Department of Justice."

Colbert said that not having Bush appear at the convention was like having a USC reunion and O.J. Simpson doesn't show up.

There's one thing you can't deny. The Republican convention is a treasure trove of comedy gold.


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