September 4, 2008

Culture of Death

The Republicans have made a point of trying to say that Democrats support a "culture of death", referring to abortion rights, etc.

But I have NEVER in my life seen such a nearly religious worship of death as was displayed last couple nights of the Republican National Convention.

Speaker after speaker, film after film, with nothing but death, death, death shoved in your face endlessly. It was like their fetish.

Thousands of names of the dead, images of the dead, those whose job it is to kill other humans, and solemn praise and reverence for those who were killed trying to kill others. Death, death, death, and more death. All wrapped in a nearly dizzyingly overkill of flags wedged in every which way.

I even caught one female ex-military person eulogizing the first woman slaughtered in Iraq. She was a PR officer.

She got blown to bits by a roadside IED.

Feeling that it would add to the emotion of mourning this unfortunate soul, and tug at the patriotic heartstrings, the woman noted that the departed PR officer used to tell new press relations recruits her rules for dealing with the press. "Be bold, be brief, be gone."


And we're (aside from the obvious tragic human loss) supposed to be inspired by that. What a patriot, it suggests, who was committed to giving as little information to the press (and to the American public who were paying for the war) as possible.

What an inspiration, eh? Tell 'em something quick and disappear. Truly a hero to the Republicans, apparently.

Death - America
America - Death
Heros - Death
9-11 - Death
War - Death

Worship Violence, Death, America, War, America, 9-11 death, War, death, America.

Exploit the troops for political gain.

Exploit the 9-11 dead for political gain. EVEN though it happened on their watch and it's proven that Bush was warned specifically of the threat... and did NOTHING about it. Bush got a security briefing entitled, "bin Laden determined to strike within U.S." and ignored it.

If it had happened with a Dem in office, they'd be screaming to have them put in prison for incompetence and holding them personally responsible for each and every death on 9-11.

So much for the "culture of life".


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