September 3, 2008

Behold, the mind-boggling amazing free pass

From "The Guardian" of London:
Imagine the stink that would erupt were David Cameron [Leader of the Conservative Party in Britain] to stand up in front of a dinner of rich Conservative backers and make a "joke" that implied that Sarah Brown [the wife of Prime Minister Gordon Brown] had had a lesbian affair with Jacqui Smith [Labour Home Secretary] and produced a love child (and an ugly one to boot). Can you imagine British papers deciding to downplay the story because it was in such bad taste, allowing Cameron to carry on with his assault on Downing Street?

Cross the pond and that is exactly what happened to John McCain at a fundraising dinner in Arizona a decade ago. "Do you know why Chelsea Clinton is so ugly?" he told a handful of big Republican funders. "Because Janet Reno is her father."

The remark packed into its 15 words several layers of misogyny. It disparaged the looks of Chelsea, then 18 and barely out of high school; it portrayed Reno as a man at a time when she was serving as the first female US attorney general; and it implied that Hillary Clinton was engaged in a lesbian affair while the Monica Lewinsky scandal was blazing. Not bad going, Senator McCain.

Any one of those elements would seem potentially terminal for a public figure. Yet here he is 10 years later presenting himself as a champion of feminism by appointing Sarah Palin as his running mate.

So why is John McCain getting a complete free pass on this and many other stories which would instantly end anyone else's, especially a Democrats, campaign?

How can they actually expect women concerned with women's rights and women's issues, supporters of Hillary Clinton, to somehow be so massively stupid as to believe that John McCain is anything but a throwback to the dark ages in his obviously dismissive attitude towards women?

How anyone can even take this massive attempt to con voters seriously is beyond reason. It's shameful just how obvious, and the extent to which the McCain campaign and the Republican party are willing to go in shamelessly making stuff up as they go along, hopeing we'll all forget what happened a few days back.

Typical Republican con.... up is down, black is white, rich is poor, a bloody quagmire is "success", a soldier wounded in sometimes eye-to-eye combat, a decorated veteran who inlisted during Viet Nam is a wussy chump and his medals scorned and dismissed as undeserved. Yet the guy who never left Texas during the Vietnam war and who could't even be bothered to finish his National Guard obligation is a steely-eyed military leader. And the guy who dropped bombs on men, women, and children from 5 miles up, got shot down and spent the war in an enemy prison is the biggest military hero this country has ever produced. This also made him the world's foremost foreign policy expert and military strategist.

Being intelligent is dumb, relying on proven science is suspicious and wrong, while blindly believing in religious dogma sold to you by millionaire preachers who believe God favors Republican politicisns is honorable and virtuous and somehow sane, being worth hundreds of millions of dollars and not even knowing how many homes you own, flying around in your own private jet, and spending more than many families make in 4 or 5 years on domestic help in ONE YEAR alone we're told, is being a "down to earth "real" guy who's in touch with the average American, while the man who worked his way up from a poor single parent home to being at the top of his class at Harvard, then spent years working in one of the most depressed urban areas in the country with the working poor, then achieving the nomination for President of the United States is an "elitist" and the one who's out of touch with average people.

The guy who has spent the past 20 years in a permanent campaign to become president accuses his opponent who's running his first race of being motivated by his "ambition to become president."

The guy who supported Bush 95% of the time is a "reformer", the woman who was in charge of a town the size of Colona two years ago is more qualified and experienced than Barack Obama. There's just no limit to what they'll expect us to swallow.

How any self-respecting person can realize all of that and still be willing to delude themselves into believing all the lies and gross distortions of reality is simply beyond me. Any self-respecting person can only be deeply insulted by the fact that they expect us to swallow it all. It's like they truly believe that, once more, they can somehow mass hypnotize the entire country into doing its bidding.

We've seen what happened the last couple times we allowed that to happen.

We'll see if it happens again. And if it does, we deserve what we'll get.

This time, ignore the swinging watch and don't listen when they tell you, "You are getting veeeery sleeeeeepy."

Snap out of it. Have some faith in the brain in your head and what your eyes and ears tell you makes sense. Next time the Republicans piss on your leg and tell you its raining, tell 'em to go to hell.


At 9/03/2008 5:39 PM, Blogger nicodemus said...

In politics, members of the legislative branch usually DO vote with their party leadership over 90% of the time. If it is less, or between 75-85%, then that person is more or less considered an independent and has some 'splaining to do.

As for the Chelsea joke, what stale material this is.
Yes McCain made this off-color joke, but this was rehashed in 2000 campaign. It is old news and as irrelevant as Obama's pot-smoking admission or the Dan Quayle "potatoe" thing.

You also forget McCain was a bitter rival of GW Bush in 2000. They have crossed sabers and are still not close "pals" as Democrats want people to think. The battle between McCain and Bush 8 years ago was very real and for us McCain backers, very frustrating, when we knew we outgunned and that the better candidate lost the nomination. Party unity is not an easy thing.

At 9/03/2008 8:31 PM, Blogger Wes said...

The thing with Republicans is that they love their narrative regardless of the truth.

McCain’s a “maverick” because of his stands on climate change and immigration. Never mind that he has changes his positions. Never mind the facts

He voted against an immigration bill with his name on it. He has missed the last 8 votes to extend the renewable energy tax credits (Which both Obama and Clinton showed up to make).

Sarah Palin is a reformer who is for fiscal responsibility and against corruption. Never mind the facts.

She was the mayor of a town the size of Colona and left it $20 million in debt. She is against earmarks but was quick to suckle at the federal teat if it was good for her town. She shows the typical conservative habit of using ideology to make governing decisions. When she became mayor she promptly fired all the staff who did not agree with her. She chased the librarian for not allowing her to censor books her kookie friends deemed “offensive”. Finally, she used her position in the governor’s mansion to settle a domestic dispute. Whether they guy was douche bag or not, it’s abuse of power. And now she follows the traditional playbook of refusing to testify and trying to change the rules on how she should be investigated.

Now she’s qualified to become VP based on her executive experience, even more experienced than Obama. Using this criteria she’s more qualified than John McCain.

The GOP ability to spew crap and pretend it’s great is really breath taking.

At 9/03/2008 11:48 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Nico, then I take it that you feel the mulitiple attacks on Obama as putting party before country tonight at the RNC was utter bullshit.

After all, you argue that it's only normal for pols to vote with their party. (and I agree.)

So the Republican attempts to paint Obama as some mindless lemming that goes along with his party is bullshit, right?

At 9/03/2008 11:49 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Well said Wes.


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