September 7, 2008

It's funny because it's true.

I was going to attempt to write up something about my thoughts on the Republican National Convention and its aftermath, but it's not like you'd miss it.

Then I saw that The Daily Show had pretty much gotten my points across much more succinctly, and a lot funnier.

Most of these should be required viewing before heading into the voting booth.

And why, oh WHY is the Obama campaign sitting around leaving it to comedy shows to make the points they should be hammering home 50 times a day? They picked a hell of a time to apparently take the week off.

McCain "More of the same"?? Hell no. He's a "reformer", a "maverick" who'll take us in a new direction! Don't believe it? Just watch.

And for all their snide cracks about the background at the DNC, their backgrounds couldn't have been worse if the junior high A.V. club was in charge. Good God!

Here's the real McCain biographical video they forgot to show at the RNC.

Is there any way the guy in the cowboy hat discussing gay rights ISN'T gay?

And here's just some more good stuff. Enjoy.

The white haird guy makes perfect (Republican) sense.

Here we find out who REALLY is to blame for the Republican disaster. (hint: It's not the Republican House, Senate, White House, and Supreme Court.) And of course the idea of serving your community is bullshit.

Guantanamo Bay isn't a prison, it's a leadership accademy!

And last, but not least... get a load of living proof that Republicans are such lying hypocrites that they have utterly lost the right to be taken as anything but a huge, disgusting, joke.

Here's Herr Rove previewing his line of attack against Gov. Tim Kaine, who was on the short list to become Obama's VP choice. Hint: It's the same argument that has the Republidiots screaming unfair.

And Mr. Loofa, king of all asses and proving conclusively why anyone with an IQ larger than their hat size would never take these buffoons seriously.


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