September 14, 2008

He knows a thing or two about divorce

What a breath of fresh air. A sliver of honesty escapes McCain's mouth during the "Service" forum.

"It's easy for me to go to Washington," said the Senator, "and frankly, be somewhat divorced from the day-to-day challenges people have."

He praises mayors. But we know Johnny M. It's a safe bet that's a huge flip-flop. And it is.

The guy stands out as shameless in a profession full of the shameless.

Back in October 2007, when McCain's candidacy still appeared dead and buried, the Senator berated the two Republican front runners for lacking the necessary political experience to handle commander in chief responsibilities.

"I have had a strong and a long relationship on national security, I've been involved in every national crisis that this nation has faced since Beirut, I understand the issues, I understand and appreciate the enormity of the challenge we face from radical Islamic extremism," the Senator declared. "I am prepared. I am prepared. I need no on-the-job training. I wasn't a mayor for a short period of time. I wasn't a governor for a short period of time."

And just for fun, here's the unbelievably great impression of the Hokey Mom by her seeming twin, Tina Fay on SNL (in case you missed it.) I particularly admire Fay's ability to capture that bizarre Minnesota style accent and the incredibly annoying tone of voice.


At 9/14/2008 10:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read the headline and thought it was about Mike Jacobs.

At 9/14/2008 11:48 PM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

But you'd be wrong on two counts.

First, Jacobs, unlike McCain, has never been divorced before, and didn't dump one wife after she was injured horribly in a car accident to screw around with a blonde beer millionairess half his age.

As any long-time reader knows, I'm not a big fan of Jacobs or his behavior around this blog. I have zero respect for the way he and his supporters deal with things and have been literally stunned at how stupid and slimy and low they've been willing to stoop.

But as I've said all along, I've got nothing against him personally. And I wasn't just saying that as so many assumed.

I believe they're more than eager to dig up personal dirt and spread false and unfair smears against anyone they think they can intimidate or put down.

In that sense, maybe they reap what they sow.

But kicking someone when they're down is not my style. Nor is it OK to judge someone on the basis of rumors about their personal life when, after all, you don't have a damn clue what the situation is really like or the facts involved. (And those so quick to judge and gossip never do. Ever. How could they? They're not there. And their opinions are nearly always based on very little, outdated, exagerated or completely false information?)

Joking or mocking someone's personal life out of some twisted enjoyment of another person's problems is ... well, twisted.

It may seem odd that I'd refuse to jump at a chance to smuggly enjoy someone's personal troubles when I have more than enough justification to believe they've tried long and hard to spread ugly and false rumors about "The Inside Dope" and the private life of the person they apparently think I am.

But cracking jokes at the expense of anyone going through a difficult and potentially very painful experience, (even when it's not made up out of thin air, or decades old, as I've had to deal with.), and particularly when you can't be there and know anything about what is really happening, is beyond slimy, no matter who it is.

At least that's where I stand.

Some people/politicians think nothing of using someone's very private life against them, even if they have to take bits and pieces and make it up and lie and exagerate until it bears no resemblance to the truth.

I've found this to be true to my deep disappointment.

And it's sickening.

But because it's done to you, does not make it right to do to others.

And there's no way I'm going to revel in someone's personal troubles, no matter what I've experienced.

Wrong is wrong. Even if others are willing to cross that line for their own gain or twisted satisfaction. I won't.


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