August 25, 2008

Things that caught my eye in Springfield.

This isn't a black and white picture. The road down to Springfield was a big foggy in places. Clouds of mist hung just above the ground, sometimes rising off the ground to float like little clouds.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

The WQAD Newsmobile was headed to Springfield.

A newsstand only feet away from the Old Capitol told the news of the day as it was about to unfold just behind it.

Preorder your Obama Llama today!!

There's television, and then there's... POLIVISION!! And of course, Polskiradio WNVR at 1030 on your dial.

Here's a shot I got a particular kick out of.

This was sitting along one of the streets where thousands of Obama supporters were lined up in both directions. Rather apropos, is it not?

There was a shop downtown with some great gifts.

Here's the Bush Voodoo Doll. "Stick to him like he's been sticking it to you!"

"An action figure we can believe in."

Get your very own Jesus Action Figure! With poseable arms and gliding action! Or perhaps "After the Rapture" mints. "For those of us who aren't going anywhere."

Or perhaps a lovely mug? There's the "Jesus Shaves" shaving mug, and the "Jesus Saves" coffee mug depicting Jesus thriftily cutting coupons. And of course, there's Jeez-its sticky notes. "Note unto others."

Actual "limousine liberals"!!!

Actually this was rented by some young Chicago area Obama staff to make the trip. (on their own dime, I'm sure.)

Some guy checking out the throng while on the phone in his top floor room at the Abraham Lincoln hotel.

And of course, the Obamalac, owned by the Quad City resident and father of blogger extraordinaire Rich Miller was present.

Doesn't sound like a good deal to me.

Fired up and ready to go!

"Let's go change the world".

Sounds good to me. This van was just one of the endless stream of vehicles with Obama stickers and other signs of support that stretched literally for hundreds of miles after the event.

Next up: Media


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