August 29, 2008

Set sail on a sea of whiteness

A few stats about the Democratic delegates for their convention:

- A little over 50% were women.
- 24% were black
- 12% hispanic
- 6% gay or lesbian
- 4% people with disabilities
- 14% were 36 or younger
- the youngest delegate is 17 years old
- 17% were 65 or older
- the oldest delegate is 91 years old
In other words, it pretty much reflected America.

Now cut to the Republican convention. You might think you're watching footage of a polar bear in a blizzard.

Sure, the Republicans are a "big tent" party and really inclusive. They welcome anyone who supports their agenda and outlook. Their delegation pales in comparison to the Democrats. Literally.

It just works out that many Republicans are and have always been racist and even though they'd likely pay handsomely any token minority who wanted to participate, the delegates will be overwhelmingly white... and male.

Of course like years past, they seem to favor having a lots of African-Americans as hired help, just to show how "hip" the Republicans are. They hire them as entertainers and waiters, waitresses, and maids for their hotels. You'll probably see a lot of black faces during their convention. Singing and dancing for them.

Considering that Mitt Romney spent a cool $1.16 million for every delegate he got, and he lost, you can be sure that you're looking at some pricey delegates.

I'm unable to find any information on the demographics of the Republican delegates to their convention. Evidently it's not something they're eager to publicize.

But I'll keep looking.

And now we learn that McCain has picked a virtually unknown woman who's under ethics investigation and who is considered even more rigidly right wing than he is.

Hey. Good move!

Good lord!

Hope they were able to bus in enough supporters to make the hall where he makes his announcement look less than vacant.

Look closely, I'm sure you might catch people wandering the crowd trying to ensure that they make an EXTRA large amount of noise, trying to counter the real and vast enthusiasm and excitment seen at the Dem convention.


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