August 29, 2008

Press & crowds at Obama VP announcement

Here's a clip of a Japanese journalist recording her report from the press filing area near the Old Capitol as another reporter quickly writes his report next to her.

I think she's saying, Damn! It's hot here!

Some of the satellite trucks near the Old Capitol before the event.

The press riser in front of the podium.

The press riser after the event. Some have taken refuge from the sun underneath.

Reporters who still remained after the event file stories in the shade.

Before the event.

CNN's stand-up location in front of Lincoln's law offices across the street from the Old Capitol.

The CNN mobile sat truck.

A Fox News stooge. I know someone can recognize and identify him.

The Fox truck, which apparently had been washed since February of '07

A portion of one block with lines going both directions.

The crowd watches the speeches on the giant screen. Most are packed along the curb in the shade.

The crowd on the way out after the event. It took hours for them to exit.


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