May 9, 2007

After 6 years, Republicans finally ask Bush to cut the crap

Much like Barry Goldwater going to meet with Nixon and tell him it's over, some Republicans, after aiding and abetting the rank White House campaign to lie to the American people about reality in Iraq, finally some Republicans feel the need to tell this president that the snow job won't work anymore.
In a sign of the growing fissure between the White House and its congressional allies over the war, NBC News reports tonight that 11 Republican members of Congress pleaded yesterday with President Bush and his senior aides to change course in Iraq.

The group of Republicans was led by Reps. Mark Kirk (R-IL) and Charlie Dent (R-PA), and the meeting included Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Karl Rove, and Tony Snow. One member of Congress called the discussion the “most unvarnished conversation they’ve ever had with the president,” and NBC’s Tim Russert said it “may have been a defining pivotal moment” in the Iraq debate.

Russert described the conversation:

[O]ne said “My district is prepared for defeat. We need candor, we need honesty, Mr. President.” The president responded, “I don’t want to pass this off to another president. I don’t want to pass this off, particularly, to a Democratic president,” underscoring he understood how serious the situation was.

Brian, the Republican congressman then went on to say, “The word about the war and its progress cannot come from the White House or even you, Mr. President. There is no longer any credibility. It has to come from Gen. Petraeus.” The meeting lasted an hour and 15 minutes and was, in the words of one, “remarkable for the bluntness and no-holds-barred honesty in the message delivered by all these Republican congressmen.”

Watch the report here.


At 5/11/2007 8:40 PM, Anonymous nooncat said...

11 Republicans talk to Bush and Company so they can go home and tell their constituents they did something that will ultimately amount to nothing. Then Russert, of all people, the shill of the G.OP., reports it on the evening news. Meanwhile, nothing changes...except that 11 Republicans might get to keep their seats in next year's elections. With Russert delivering the story, how can anyone be sure the meeting took place the way he reported it? Skeptic that I am, I sense the smell of Rove about this.

The one thing I'm certain of is that Cheney, one of the empirialists who wanted war with Iraq along with Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz, wasn't at that meeting. Bush, as Commander-in-Chief, has to at least pretend he cares. Chaney doesn't.


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