November 8, 2006

Voters make a "course correction"

While last night's near total Democratic landslide might be considered the people of the country exercising a "course correction", in reality, it was more like someone lunging over the back seat, snatched the steering wheel out of Republican hands and gave it a sharp yank in the Democratic direction. (and thus avoiding the large cliff it was headed for.)

From top to bottom, Dems savored victory.

**Update** >>>Just in, the Montana senate race is called for Democrat John Tester, bringing Senate balance of power to 50/50. This means that..... unfortunately, it all boils down to a recount circus in Virginia, if Allen chooses to go that route.<<<

Rep. Pat Verschoore and Sen. Mike Jacobs don't seem too disappointed.

Newly minted U.S. Representitive Phil Hare enjoys the best wishes of supporters at his victory party.

Mike Huff, Rock Island County's new sheriff has a few words for the press.

Many thanks to a generous reader and ace photographer for providing the above shots.

And thanks to another helpful reader for sending in the shot below showing Phil Hare and wife Becky stopping by the Quad City Federation of Labor to speak to around 150 volunteers. County Board member Karen Calvillo is also pictured.

Readers are encouraged to send along any election related photos for possible publication. You can choose whether and how you're credited for them.


At 11/09/2006 2:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of the many "course changes" that will occur due to Tuesday's election revolves around a move away from "free trade" towards more robust fair trade agreements.
Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch released a report on the importance that fair trade played in the election. Congressman-elect Phil Hare is included in the analysis which can be found at .
Also, GTW has a new online project,, which will blog about issues coming up in the lame-duck session such as Net Neutrality and a free trade deal with Peru.


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