November 7, 2006

Some finals

Two VERY happy Democrats

It just doesn't get much better than this.

Truly, this marks the beginning of the end of what's seemed like a long fever dream of Republican misrule. This is breath of fresh air, and a return to the politics of hope and common purpose not division, fear and smear.

Democrats exceeded anyone's predictions and gained a clear majority in the House, (picking up 34 seats by some projections, an 18 seat majority) and depending on the outcome in Montana and Virgina, may very well take the Senate.

There's several characters on the right that I hope choke on it. They certainly had it coming. The've insulted people's intelligence and played them for chumps for far too long. Paybacks are hell.

And in Illinois? Not a good night to be Republican. Even the very tight 71st District race fell the Democrats way, and in perhaps the best surprise of the night, Judge Vicki Wright, as she did in the primary, did far better than predictions, overcame an opponent with very powerful business backers and who spent vastly more money than she on his campaign to win quite handily and prevent another bought and paid for corporate hack off the bench.

Now the corporate interests backing Wright's opponent will actually have to play on a level field, something they spent enormous amounts of money and engaged in sleazy campaign tactics to prevent. Sometimes the good guys win and prove that money can't buy everything. (almost, but not quite)

The tale in Illinois:

Blago 1,418,861 49
Topinka 1,166,796 40
(85% of precints reporting)

Every other state office was won by Democrats

Wright 244,414 52.63
Powers 220,022 47.37

Boland 19,058 52.7%
Haring 17,123 47.3

Hare 114,638 57%
Zinga 85,734 43%

Jacobs 41,259 62%
Beals 25,327 38%

Huff 26251 57.86%
Schwigen 18983 41.84%

Only sad spots in a near spotless night of victories? Tammy Duckworth loses her race in Illinois' 6th, and Harold Ford Jr. goes down in Tennesee as well, both by small margins. Exit polls in the Volunteer State show that the margin of loss may have been due to a percentage point fewer Dems voting for Ford as Republicans voting for Corker. 64% of Dems voted for Ford, while 65% of Republicans voted for Corker.

Scene of the night so far?

Former RNC chair Ed Gillespie being interviewed at a recnently deserted watch party with tall stacks of chairs behind him and speaking over the clatter as workers stacked more in the background. The only thing missing was a janitor asking him to move so he could sweep where Gillespie stood.

The visual was clear... for Republican's, the party's over early.


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