November 8, 2006

Not only a wave, a tsunami

It's truly hard to imagine the Democrats doing much better than they did on November 7th, 2006, both locally and on a national scale.

Exceeding even optimistic predictions, the Dems gained firm control of the House and are poised to gain a majority of the Senate as well, making Cheney irrelevant and taking over the chairmanships of crucial committees in both chambers.

In addition, voters in a full six states tossed out their Republican incumbant and elected Democratic governors.

The undecided senate races in Montana (Burns/Tester) and Virginia (Allen/Webb) are all that stand in the way of Dem controlling both chambers of Congress.

Tester has a slim lead with nearly all votes counted, and looks to emerge the winner, though it's still too close to project.

In Virginia, things get a little more complex. It seems likely that they'll fight over ...ugh.... military absentee ballots, (which were illegally used to pad vote counts by Republicans in Florida 2000.) Some predict a recount effort in the state as well, with the attendant batallions of attorneys and spin doctors descending on the state. I sincerely hope that doesn't come to pass, but we shall see.

Locally and statewide, every single Democrat won their race, which essentially means that they control every single local and state office from top to bottom.

I only hope that this one-party dominence doesn't result in the same arrogance and abuse of power that afflicts the Republican party.

Wonder if this might knock the cocky arrogance out of the wingers?

It should, but then again, with such an embarassment of victory from top to bottom and end to end, maybe we can't expect everything.

Only two races cast a bit of disappointment into things, with double amputee and Iraq vet Tammy Duckworth losing her race to Pete Roskam, and Harold Ford Jr. defeated by Bob Corker and scummy ads with racial overtones.

But in the face of near total victory, nothing can take away from the fact that the country has shown that they are sick to death of life under Bush and desperately want something besides scandal, corruption, arrogance and refusal to face reality, and constantly being fed messages designed to divide the country against each other and spread fear and smear.

BOOM.... the people have spoken, and in a VERY major way.


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