November 7, 2006

Track real-time election results

Those so inclined can keep tabs on Rock Island County election results on the Rock Island County Clerk's website.

The results are updated every 10-15 minutes or so and posted there very quickly, though the local media usually announce the updates a few moments sooner. But if you're going to be at a computer tonight, this is a great place to spot early trends in R.I. County

The Fidlar Company provides election results for many counties (but far from all) counties in Illinois.

The list and links to the results are found here.

A few regional counties:







CNN is offering a real-time election results page for races that you pick yourself.

Just sign up here and pick your races from among all House, Senate, Gubenatorial, and ballot initiiatives and the page will give you updated results on up to 20 races you're most interested in. This is enough to list all the local races along with the tight races for senate and the Iowa and Illinois gubenatorial races.

The CNN site offers an amazing amount of detail, including county by county breakdowns for all state races as well as exit poll data.

The page for county by county results for Hare/Zinga is here. (you have to sign up first)

Esteemed fellow blogger Quad City Images informs us that another good vote tracking site is

I've not located any site that monitors returns on state-wide races other than governor as yet.


At 11/07/2006 6:24 AM, Blogger QuadCityImages said... is another good one.

At 11/07/2006 6:47 AM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

Thanks QCI.... I'll add that to the post.

At 11/04/2008 8:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

CNN election tracking - real time? - Just sign up here? First, the website link does not seem to work well, but I found the page in question - I see nothing of the sort - where do I find the results mentioned?, where do I "sign up" to get these real-time election results ???

At 11/05/2008 1:03 AM, Blogger The Inside Dope said...

To the last commenter, if you'd notice, this post and the information in it is from TWO YEARS AGO in 2006.

Things have likely changed since then.


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