September 28, 2006

Want to starve government programs for the poor and middle class while enrichng the rich? Vote Whalen, sez Pickles

First lady Laura Bush urged Iowans to elect Mike Whalen to Congress in an appearance in downtown Davenport this morning, saying he would support the Bush tax cuts she says has boosted the economy and created jobs.

Mrs. Bush is in the state to campaign today for Whalen and Republican congressional candidate Jeff Lamberti, in central Iowa's 3rd District.

The first lady extolled Whalen’s business background, as well as his founding of a Christian radio station in Des Moines and a ranch in St. Charles, Iowa, that helps disadvantaged kids.


At 2/21/2007 4:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoever protects you, owns you.

If Big Brother is big enough to protect you, then he can rape you.

Women now days do not wish to be protected by their husbands because of this very phenomenon; the husbandman owns his chattel.

But Americans are now a very weak people and must be tended-to. I myself have raised my own food, shot my own food, worked on own house and vehicles, defended my house with a gun against a 3:00 am break-in attempt, cut and split my own firewood, ...

With the average urban population, turn off the power for a couple of weeks, send the police & national guard (all federalized these days) to another state where a worse natural event has gone down, and what you get is mayhem. New Orleans melted-down after having the Gulf come visit it. Meanwhile citizens in adjacent states who also had been wiped-out rolled-up their sleeves, religious groups and family helping, and began to rebuild.

Historically, weak ineffectual "humans" inevitably get run-over. Pick up any history text. So it goes.

Remember LBJ used the "N" word to describe even his white subordinates. His government programs were designed to make this nation's poor folk perpetually dependent on government programs -- the new slavery. His plan was brilliant -- demonically speaking. Family farmers became dependent on government loans / grants and thus were brought to their knees -- another Big Brother triumph. Corporate welfare has propped-up the stock market for decades now; however, one day when the bubble bursts, that depression will make the last depression look like a cake-walk.

Don’t call on people like me for help when the looters are in your streets – we’ll be dragging any looters that dared come our way out to the county dump.


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