September 28, 2006

GOP picks Twin Cities for convention

The GOP has decided to hold their convention in Minneapolis/St. Paul, a great location central to many midwestern battleground states. It's also reported that the Dems have been considering the Twin Cities for their convention as well.

It only figures that the Republicans would beat them to the punch and leave the Dems stuck. If they do pick Minneapolis, they'll look like lame copy-cats, even though it's a good pick.

Since the Republicans beat them to the punch, maybe the Dems could hold it in Chicago. Yeah, yeah, it's been there about a million times, but, hey, the police riot and bloody street fights of '68 are then, this is now. And besides, they've built the new Millenium Park which has eaten up much of Grant Park so there's not as much room for protesters anymore, and Daley Jr. isn't his dad, thankfully.

Or, if they wanted to make both a symbolic and real gesture of support and caring, while in the process reminding people of and refocusing the country on Bush's utter failure there, they could hold it in New Orleans.


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