September 27, 2006

Allen: From Hero to Zero

George Allen was considered a prime candidate to be the Republican front-runner for president. This I always found curious as the guy comes across as a sort of sedated dunce.

Well, those of you playing at home can safely cross Allen off your score cards.

In addition to the "macaca" remark, it was recalled that Allen kept a confederate flag in his office, as well as a noose.

He then bristled at a question regarding whether his family were jewish, then admitted that his grandparents were indeed jewish, then made the stupid remark that even so, his mom still made plenty of ham sandwiches and pork chops.

Now it's revealed that in college he often deployed the N-word in talking about blacks.

Say good-by George. It sucks when the true colors of Repubicans come to light. At least for them.


At 9/27/2006 12:38 PM, Blogger UMRBlog said...

Without question, GA is a neanderthal boob. The amusing thing is that his meltdown will elect a guy who's a looser cannon on deck than Ollie North would have been.

Webb will go to the Senate and give it just what it doesn't need, another preening, self-absorbed, self-righteous gasbag. The guy has flipped parties more times than Strom Thurmond, can't decide whether he loves or hates Viet Nam vets who came home and protested and his a life mission of denigrating Jimmy Carter.

If I lived in Va., I'd probably vote for Webb, while holding my nose. At least he'll step up on veterans' benefits.

Good piece.


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