September 28, 2006

A familiar character

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Remind you of anyone you know? This sort of scared-to-death, run for your lives, if you're not terrified the terrorists will win, right-wing stuff is so familiar to me (including from a local blogger) that it's hilarious!

The fact that anyone is clear-eyed about terrorism, realizes that terrorists are a relatively small group, and that they don't include every muslim or arab on earth, or the thought that others aren't sufficiently scared out of their wits and willing to endorse extreme and unconstitutional measures to keep us "safe" just drives them nuts.

And a further irony is that the right is supposed to be the party of the fearless heavily armed action hero macho, macho man, not sceered a nuthin'. Yet they spend their times biting their nails and quaking in their boots swallowing every comic book scare tactic that they read or hear until they're sure, like "Danger Man", that terrorists are salivating to behead them at the mall.

Their empassioned argument is that the irrational fear they feel is the only thing protecting us. (and allowing the tax cuts to continue)

They insist that if we dare ratchet down the debilitating fear level towards the "evil-doers" and their imagined super-human ability to devise and pull of literally any plot or attack that the right's fevered imaginations can conjure, that at that very moment, the "islamofascist" hoard will come screaming into their upscale neighborhoods and incinerate their Lexus' and subject them and their families to weeks long torture fests, drinking their blood and feasting on their pets.
Those terrists hate freedom, you know. Hell, they're suiciders even.

Tom Tomorrow shows how dumb, illogical, and unhealthy this way of thinking is. And it's not hard to see how promoting such irrational thinking is a nearly criminally cynical attempt by Rove et. al. to ensure their continued hold on near total power and further change this country into something more akin to corporate/nationalistic fascism than a liberal democracy.


At 9/29/2006 1:26 PM, Blogger Huck Finn said...

Increasingly, it seems that the fear tactics are simply intended to convince swing voters that Republicans should be reelected so that the Danger Men can maintain their standard of living. They're willing to sacrifice someone else's lifestyle and well being (not their own) so they can continue to enjoy good steaks. They're willing to ignore the strategy used to put the steaks on the table--as long as the steaks keep coming. The real fear is that any upsetting of the status quo may affect their personal income and evening menus.


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