April 13, 2006

Bad day?

Condi "No one could imagine people flying planes into buildings" Rice giving her "come hither" look.

Maybe someone was reminding her of how she said the daily intelligence briefing which she and Bush received prior to 9-11 headlined "BIN LADEN DETERMINED TO STRIKE WITHIN US" didn't need to be taken seriously as it was only a "historical" document and therefore they rightly ignored it and did nothing.

Of course, like most in the Bush administration, if they are utter failures and incompetent, rather than getting fired and arrested, they're promoted or installed in some plum position, thus ensuring that they'll never spill the beans. So after being a complete failure as National Security Advisor during the worst attack on US soil in history, Rice was rewarded by being appointed Secretary of State after Colin Powell, an honest man tarnished by being forced to lie for the Bushies, got the hell out.


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