March 15, 2006

3rd District Appellate court race update

The Peoria Journal-Star has chosen to endorse Tom O'Neal for appellate judge. You can read their reasoning at the link.

Lance Peterson has received the endorsement of the Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois (IAFF) and the Fraternal Order of Police (FPO).

The Journal-Star also has a great resource for finding out more about each judicial candidate with basic bios and their responses to various pertinent questions. Go here and scroll down to the 3rd District candidates. (left column at bottom of State listings)

The page also has info on statewide candidates.


At 3/15/2006 5:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ms. Dope, you haven't mentioned Lance Peterson's endorsements and perhaps the Peterson campaign has not been keeping you up to date.

Here are some of the key endorsements: Illinois AFL-CIO,
AFSCME, Laborers Local 309, Illinois Federation of Teachers,
U.S. Rep. Lane Evans, State Rep. Pat Verschoore, State Rep. Frank Mautino, Peoria County State's Atty Kevin Lyons, RI County Treasurer LuAnn Kerr, RI County Recorder Pat Verdonda, Illinois FOP, Will County Executive Larry Walsh ...

At 3/15/2006 7:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the qualifcations will win in the end. Go Tom!

At 3/15/2006 7:59 PM, Anonymous Peoria Democrat said...

O'Neal is picking up the endorsements of all the major papers and the IL State bar assn. Not te mention Senator Shadid in Peoria, a political legend.
Peterson claims alot of union and insider political support. Rank and file labor guys in Peoria don't know Lance. They have worked with Tom on elections the past 10 years. Labor leadership has their hands full with a hot state senate race and Peterson is not a priority.

The Lyons endorsement? Great, he endorsed Carl Hawkinson over Tom Kilbride for the Supreme Court seat a few years back. Was that a good endorsement? he also endorsed Jim Ryan over the Governor.

Down ballot races like this can swing on non-partisan endorsements. Tom will win the Dem primary next Tues.

At 3/18/2006 10:23 PM, Anonymous Meeeeeeee said...

Hay dope. It's FOP not FPO. We endorced Wright.


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