March 14, 2006

When the wolf is at your door, just bring in a tamer wolf

If you're a DOJ lawyer looking for a promotion these days, seems one of the best things to do is be in the midst of a major corruption investigation.

The prosecutor who has headed the office at the center of a number of high-profile GOP corruption investigations - Jack Abramoff, David Safavian, Michael Scanlon, and Mitchell Wade - is moving on. He's been there since May of 2004.

Kenneth Wainstein, the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, has been tapped to be Assistant Attorney General for National Security.

You might remember that another key prosecutor in the Abramoff case, Noel Hillman of the Justice Department's Public Integrity Sector, was recently nominated to a federal judgeship in New Jersey, sparking calls for a special prosecutor. I wouldn't be surprised if that effort was renewed.

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