March 14, 2006

A great idea designed to provide maximum enjoyment to you with minimum work by me

Trying to salvage at least something worthwhile from my absolutely cataclysmic failure to notice that the 10 day voting period for the Koufax Award had begun fully 9 days earlier, leaving less than 24 hours to scratch up a few votes, I came upon an idea.

In the interests of trying to uplift my currently bottomed out spirits, and hoping inject a little humor into the lives of you, the loving public, I'll post links to two of the Koufax nominees for "Funniest Post" of the year each day.

Since there's a LOT of them, it should provide a bright spot at least once a day for some time to come. (It will carry us past the primary campaign, which while providing plenty of yucks, has been mighty short on yuks.)

So without further ado, I give you two fine entries to start things off:

Fafblog! Zen of Iraq

Circle Jerk at the Square Dance: Even I could tell Iraq would be a quagmire, and I lick my own ass



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