March 14, 2006

Bush approval poll results

A recent poll was run from March 7-14th asking readers,

Thinking about George W. Bush's entire term in office, would you say you:

Think he's a bold leader, the best President in history: 6 votes or 12%

Are very satisfied: 2 votes or 4%

Are somewhat satisfied: 3 votes or 6%

Are totally uninformed and have no opinion: 0 or 0%

Are somewhat dissatisfied: 2 votes or 4%

Are very dissatisfied: 7 votes or 14%

Think he should be impeached or jailed, the worst President in history: 30 votes or 60%

So 22% of Inside Dope readers think Bush is just peachy, while 78% aren't too happy, and a big 60% think he's criminally incompetent.


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