September 4, 2005

Do It

Lend a helping hand here.

Amazon is making it easy to donate at their page here.

It is also linked to from Google's home page, and as of early Sunday, they've collected $6,533,976.00 from 63392 donors, and that number is going up at an amazing rate. The average donation at this time is just over $100.00, which is also remarkable and touching.

Donate now, as much as possible, and also make a committment to donate on a regular basis, as these victims will be needing life support for months to come.


At 9/05/2005 6:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok now I get it seeing these images -- Bush was looking for people wearing suits and ties - not for real human beings but rather wall street suited types had to be affected before Bush committed any "welfare" money.

Yup. These folks are not true "Americans" in the eyes of our prez. Not responding to the tragedy was just another way for Bush to continue on his welfare reform agenda in his own eyes.....


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