September 3, 2005

The Unbearable Lightness of Being George Bush

Will Bush recover and get the upper hand politically on the Katrina aftermath?

He was obviously caught flat-footed and looking horrible with his out-of-touch, week late response.

If he is smart, he'll be the complainer in chief on the lack of response, acknowledging strongly the horrible lack of prompt and effective rescue efforts, and acknowledge that this caused unneeded death and suffering. He could demand results and accountibility, and be seen as the one finally getting action.

But of course, in this respect, Bush's bizarre inability to acknowledge any mistake on his part or on the part of his administration is his biggest enemy. He is incapable of even considering that anything he does or that is done by his administration is flawed in the slightest. Even in this situation, he won't criticize anyone in charge. Bush just doesn't, and isn't likely to, "get it."

Bush, despite ranting about "personal responsibility" at ever turn, is simply incapable of accepting any responsibility for himself or his administration and their actions or lack thereof.

It's this flaw that will cause the anger about the inexcusible delays and lack of response in the first week to stick to Bush and cause political problems.

What do you think? Will he and his legions of spinners manage to turn this around to his favor? Will their tactic of ignoring reality and acting like everything went perfectly fine again be successful?

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