September 3, 2005

A new drinking game

Every time they actually let Bush talk in front of a mic, take one stiff shot every time he says, "I understand..." You're sure to be wrecked before too long. I understand this, I understand that. It's maddening. And it's been going on for years now.

I don't recall ever hearing him speak for more than a minute without making sure to say, "I understand..." whatever simple concept it is he's supposed to understand. Who told him to be sure to say that every time he speaks?

And it's always something stupid and meaningless, such as "I understand that people are hurting", or "I understand the good people of New Orleans need help." Well goody for you George, you get a star. Moron.

I guess his handlers realize that most people seriously doubt Bush is capable of understanding even the most obvious things and feel he better reassure us that he's capable of recognizing his surroundings. Or they think that it reasures people that Bush gets the caring thing. But it's patently phoney, he's clearly insincere and awkward, and it's just stupid.

As Mark Crispin Miller noted in his excellent book, "The Bush Dyslexicon", and I've noticed it's absolutely true, that Bush stumbles and stammers and can barely get the words out in a garbled mess when he's talking about caring for people or other compassionate subjects, yet when he talks about attacking or killing people, he positively lights up and suddenly is able to speak lucidly and clearly.

He can't fake that he gives a rat's ass about people, but his positive delight in killing and war is obvious.

Listen and you'll see for yourself.

NOTE** Today, Monday 5th, Bush said the word "understand" FIVE TIMES within a minute.


At 9/05/2005 6:11 PM, Blogger maybesomeday said...

Ahh the brilliance of Karl Rove for message and the sound byte packaging of Karen Hughes.

A letal combination for the starved masses.


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